Wednesday, July 29, 2020

July Mini

What fun! When I sent Wendy a block for her Covid Community Supper quilt, she sent me twelve 3-1/2" squares in return.

I alternated those squares with 4 patch blocks and added an orphaned windmill in the center. That green squiggly fabric seemed to be right for the border. The finished piece is 21" x 21".

I did cross-hatch machine quilting all over.

I found this fabulous piece of cheater cloth in Natalie's stash for a perfect finish! Thanks, Wendy, for all your inspiration! 

Both panels of my new scrap/strip quilt are together. I've since added strips to the top and bottom and am working on side borders next. 

Wildflowers, animals, and sunsets . . .  

 Wild Bergamot


Highland Cattle at a nearby farm.

This deer was munching on some vegetation right outside our front door :)

July 15th at 8:30 p.m. 

July 20th 8:48 p.m. 

Enjoy your week and make sure you visit Wendy's blog for links to more little quilts :) 

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer



  1. What a fantastic mini! I love everything about this scrappy gem, especially that border fabric. And, I have never seen that cheater print on the back although I did have some wrapping paper that was similar. Fabulous! I will link you in on Friday. Thanks for another great mini. I adore that scrap quilt. What a fun summer project. Thanks for sharing the wildlife photos. I am afraid we are losing daylight fast. I love everything about Fall except for the short days. But I will take it any day over this summer heat!

  2. What a beautiful finish to those tiny blocks, and that border fabric is perfect! I really enjoyed seeing the flowers and animals. Those sunsets were gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. ---"Love"

  3. Your little quilt blends Wendy's squares perfectly with your scrappy 4-patch blocks. And that cheater print backing is over the top wonderful! I'm still contemplating how to best use the squares she sent me in a monthly mini. A beautiful mini for July!

  4. The cheater cloth print was a very good choice for the backing of your mini. There are many cheater prints that I have never seen and this is one.

  5. Your orphan windmill and the four patches are in great company among the gifted blocks. And what a great border. Amazing backing too! I have never seen that - great use for it. Beautiful sky!!

  6. what a fun little sister quilt to Wendy's ! great idea right down to the backing.
    Love those sky photos and animals. Nature is my go to feel better during these incredible times.

  7. What a yummy mini made with the little bites of Wendy's fabrics. Love the spontaneity of the fabrics. I bought the scrappy strip pattern, but just haven't started playing yet. Your quilt looks great. I was thinking borders too. You live in a beautiful area.

  8. You made a lovely mini out of your gifted fabric squares. Following quilt blogs is very inspiring, like quilt magazines used to be. Thank you for sharing your beauties.

  9. Really nice mini, Barbara. That green border fabric really makes it! Your sunset shots are incredible.

  10. A very sweet little quilt, and that amazing border print really makes it dance!
    Your large scrap quilt looks fascinating. I'll bet up close that it is a study of fabric.
    Pretty flora and fauna photos, but the sunsets took my breath away! Just gorgeous.