Thursday, June 11, 2020

Deacon Blocks 33-36

Another month just flew by!

These are the next four blocks.

Three machine-pieced and one broderie perse. 

Attributed to Hope Lelley
Rachel gave me this blue fabric as my stash was really weak. Thanks, Rachel!

This is the reverse side. Each wedge-shaped piece was stitched across the top and turned right side out forming a perfect point. Probably not a new method but new to me :)

 Attributed to Jemima R. Bullock / Mount Holly 1842
This was an easy block to put together. I need easy every once in a while.

 Attributed to Permelia Deacon
Look close and you'll see the hour glass blocks are a dark blue and the outer triangles are dark green. Interesting to see gray in this block.

 Attributed to Clayton Rogers / Mount Holly
It's always a challenge to find just the right fabrics with motifs that work for this time period. I fuse all the pieces and machine zig-zag around each one. 

Hard to believe there are 85 blocks total and this last one is #36. Not even half-way yet! 


Marsh Marigolds make me smile :)

Enjoy your week!

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer



  1. All those are gorgeous blocks! Absolute precision! ---"Love"

  2. Always enjoy seeing what fabrics you use. The broderie perse motifs are good ones in the sienna tones. You just gave me permission to fuse and zigzag. 😁

  3. Oh my - lovely blocks but the Dresden Plate block seen from the back is perfection! Super neat and precise. I struggle with Broderie Perse so much - so hard to find the right fabrics in my area. Love marsh marigolds too - one of the first things to appear in our northern woods.

  4. You are running so true to the original quilt. This batch is stunning. Even the simple ones are gorgeous. I love Marsh Marigolds too. Actually, I love any yellow flower. Happy almost Summer!

  5. That is a serious commitment to make this quilt. I am impressed!
    That is the method I was taught for making Dresden's and I was pleased that they were easier than they looked. Pretty slick! :)
    You found great designs for the broderie perse. I have yet to try that technique.
    Have never heard of Marsh Marigolds before, but they sure are pretty little things.


  6. A whole bunch of pretties! Good progress even if it isn't half way yet.

  7. Great new collection of blocks. Thanks for show the back of that beautiful dresden block. It is gorgeous.
    Lovely yellow flower. Evening primrose is one of my favorites and it reminds me of that.