Monday, October 14, 2019

Peak Colors!

One of the first things we did at the cabin was go for a drive to see the foliage. Enjoy! These were all taken near Lake Placid, NY.

Whiteface Mountain
Wilmington, NY


Here are a few 'fall' quilts I've made in the past. I know you've seen them before but hey! it's that time of year :)

 High Peaks 

 Autumn in the High Peaks 
made for my brother's 75th birthday

 Falling Leaves 

That's all for now . . . 

Have a wonderful week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Barbara, I LOVE fall and your scenic photos took me to a happy place after a stressful day. Thanks for sharing them. And your beautiful quilts full of scrappy HSTs also brought a smile to my face. Nice post!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenic photos! Such beautiful foliage! Your little quilts are very pretty too! ---"Love"

  3. What beautiful vistas, Barbara! And your fall quilts echo the colors of the changing foliage. I especially love the last one, with the blue background. Just stunning.

  4. What an amazing color fall brings!! Not so much in my neck of the woods, so I love seeing other areas.
    Your quilts are lovely and I never tire of seeing them!!

  5. I was up that way a few years ago and the colors are unreal! The reflection on the lake is breathtaking.
    wonderful fall quilts! Nice mini quilt show

  6. Such beautiful scenery - fall colors are so gorgeous. It is nice to see the fall quilts too - I see lots of triangles!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I really miss MA/NH this time of year. Your fall quilts are so pretty too.

  8. Beautiful quilts can never be seen too often! And thank you for the autumn leaves colors! Here in the high n dry part of Oregon all I see out my window is dry brown grass and a hillside. And the grass has been that color for months.

    1. Thank you and you're welcome! The leaves were beautiful and our timing was perfect.

  9. Oh thank you for sharing those wonderful pics Barbara !
    Fall is my favourite season and I'm not alone !! I know ;)
    Your quilts are gorgeous and I love them...