Monday, September 30, 2019

September Mini

I'm jumping in today to post my monthly mini and to link up with Wendy.

I had a pile of unused pieces that I cut for the Cross Variation quilt I showed you last week so early one morning I randomly started sewing hsts and 2" squares together.

 It's hand quilted in diagonal lines both directions . . . 

. . . and straight lines 1/2" apart in the border. Sorry about the blurry photo!

The back.

It's now hanging in the upstairs hall gallery :)

On another note . . .  

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this quilt on Pinterest! How often do you see a fox on a quilt?? This might be a future project to remind me of my fox encounters this year, lol! 

Update: Barbara B. actually made that quilt for her cousin who gave it to his boss. And that is a raccoon not a fox! Thank you Barbara for making such a charming quilt and for posting the pic on Pinterest :)

Enjoy your week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh what a fabulous mini! Your hand quilting is so beautiful, it makes it even more special. You have quite a gallery of minis now! And, what a hoot to find a "fox" quilt. I definitely see one in your future! And, maybe you should take it with you on your walks, just in case! Thanks for another great mini. I am posting today.

  2. Love your mini with the beautiful colors and gorgeous hand quilting. I'm glad you showed us the back! What a cute, practical idea for hanging your minis with the rulers (or yardstick segments?) and clamps.

  3. And that's the problem with Pinterest. No source. I made that little red & green quilt and that's a raccoon not a fox! I made it for my cousin who gave it to his boss who was a big fan of the Whigs, hence the Whig Rose and the Whig Coon. Glad you liked it well enough to save it.

  4. Your little quilt is so sweet--beautiful hand quilting! We've had a fox hanging around lately. I'm thinking he's hunting rabbits, since we have a lot of those around too. Fun to watch!

  5. Oh I love it, Barbara! Especially like your creative solution for quilting the border! Fun story about the "fox" quilt!

  6. It is a warm and inviting little quilt, and your hand quilting really is the crowning glory!
    Your gallery is growing!
    I've never seen a fox on a vintage quilt (though they are popular on the modern ones), but now that it has been clarified--I've never seen a coon on one, either. :)

  7. You've added another lovely mini to your wall gallery. It's a great design to use up those leftover pieces. Love all the fabrics that were included. I think your Pinterest inspiration would be a fun one to tackle. I'm glad Barbara B. Was able to clarify the source.

  8. The back of your little quilt is as lovely as the front is! I really like your quilt hangers too! ---"Love"

  9. Your September mini reflects many of the colors we see in the fall - love the “squiggly” border print! Thank you for sharing the “fox” applique quilt - while it may actually be a raccoon, the profile says fox! Lovely work all round!!

  10. Very enjoyable read and eye candy with the darling little quilt from "leftovers" and the inspiration for one of your next quilts!

  11. Is there anything better than a HST ? It is just charming and I love the wavy border fabric.
    Oh I do hope you make a "fox" mini.