Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cross Variation Top Done

Back in July I started a new project and now the top is done! I saw the original quilt on Pinterest and posted about it here

It took me a while to decide on the sashing but I finally settled on white with brown polka dots vs a dark print. 

 I had some leftover brown/white stripe which I used for the corner stones.

Here's a close-up . . . 

. . . and another. Now I just need to make the backing and take it to be quilted :)

We've been going on Sunday drives since the weather's been so nice. One of our favorite places is Sandy Hook at Gateway National Recreation Area down the Jersey Shore. This pic is of Officers Row at Fort Hancock, a deactivated U.S. Army fort. It's a great place for biking!

Most of the houses are in desperate need of repair.

But we were pleasantly surprised to see two have been renovated and are available for vacation rentals. It is such a beautiful spot. Who wouldn't want to spend some time there? You can read more about it here

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a wonderful quilt. I love the way you made the 2 "different" blocks as in the original. I think the original was published in an old Quilt Engagement Calendar. I remember loving it when I first saw it too. Thanks for reproducing and sharing it! I love the fact that they are restoring the old homes at Sandy Hook. It is so hard when a fort or base closes. Looks like they are on their way to redemption!

  2. Amazing how the blocks can look so different with the fabric placement. It's a fun little quilt. You do such a great job recreating these antique beauties.

  3. Gosh! You made an amazing job following the original. If it wasn't for the cornerstone, one could think this is the original when it was first made. I looked at the original and looked again ... wow! Truly fabulous! What made you decide to add the cornerstones?

  4. I love your take on the antique. Love the little quirky variations, just so pretty too.

  5. I'd have to change the block around the right way, otherwise its a great quilt.

  6. Wow you finished that fast, but I can see why! It's so fun. I love the fun variations of some of the blocks. The fabric substitutions are great too, I love to add those details that we see in antique quilts too. The cornerstones are a great setting touch.
    love this quilt obviously.
    Great color pallet too.

  7. It is so sad when older houses are left to founder in the waves of time. Fortunately my little town has had some new families move in and renovate the aging ladies, and are making the town alive again. Love your quilt with the quirky corners on some of the blocks!

    1. I agree. It's so sad to see older houses in disrepair but love when they are renovated. That entire quilt is just plain quirky. So much fun to make :)

  8. Your sashing is a perfect choice for your quilt! Love how it all came together. The colors are some of my faves.:)

  9. Interesting to see all the variations of the cross block. Nice colors used.

  10. That is such a terrific quilt. Love the fabric you used!!