Wednesday, August 28, 2019

August Mini aka Double Play

I started out wanting to make a little quilt with the Sandy Klop for Moda Bread 'n Butter Charm Pack that Rachel had given me but ended up making two :)

You may wonder what the Blue Line boundaries of the green areas refer to on this map of NY State. The larger one refers to the Adirondack Park which is where our cabin is located and the smaller one is the Catskills.

I didn't know what to do when the blue line in my little quilt looked so out of place so I really stretched my imagination for a solution.

I turned the quilt around so the blue line was now at the top. Then I added pine trees which stood for the forests surrounding our cabin within the blue line boundaries of the Adirondack Park :) It's a bit of a stretch but it solved my problem :)

For the second quilt, I first made the center block thinking I could really get into making more but that didn't happen. I used the last of the 5" pieces and added little squares of what was left of the polka dots.

I added two borders . . .

. . . and quilted simple diamonds with zig-zags in the border. Interestingly, it was this time last year when I made a Triple Play for August. You can see them here.

And make sure you hop on over to Wendy's website. I'll update the link as soon as she posts her little quilt. 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a fabulous solution to the blue line. However, I have to admit that I didn't think it looked out of place at all. I love both of these little gems. I think I have to post mine early because I may not be online on Friday. Thanks for joining in once again!

  2. These are a sweet duo! I've fallen off the wagon as far as getting minis done this summer, but hopefully as soon as canning season is over there "might" be more time.

  3. I love this kind of creative problem solving in quilting and you came up with something not only charming but meaningful - congratulations. It must be heavenly to have a cabin way up North;).

  4. Challenges can be fun when you find the winning solution. Both of your minis are charming and I love the back story.
    I might just miss august, but we'll see.
    When do you close the cabin? I hope you get in a few more visits.
    btw that stripey border is so cute. I reminds me of candy stripers!

  5. Love the way you worked with your blue line to create something personal and fun.
    Each of your little quilts is a smile maker. Nice work, Barbara!

  6. Another wonderful month of minis. Your creativity solved your design issues, but I really didn't see a problem. :0). Visiting your blue areas is still on my bucket list. Beautiful work!