Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June Mini

It's mini time again! 

What jump-started me on this month's mini was the vintage basket block from Sentimental Stitches Cheddarback quilt. Anytime I think I have fabrics that are similar to the originals I'm ready!

Here's what I came up with. I think these prints--color and scale--worked quite well. 

I added a few borders . . .


. . . and hand-quilted it. I was happy to finally get to use this floral fat quarter for the back.  

It finishes at 17" x 17" . . .  

  . . . and I hung it in the upstairs gallery to enjoy every time I go to my sewing room :)

The Daylilies are really pretty this year. Must be because of all the rain we've had!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer



  1. I love the way you have your mini quilts hung up on the wall. Where did you get the ruler hangers?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just bought some yard sticks and cut them into varying widths using a hacksaw. You could also use vintage rulers like Ann Hermes explains on her blog here:

  2. Another great little quilt, Barbara - I love it! I like how you repeated the blue check in the corners, which have the look of being folded back for some reason... interesting! Also I'm intrigued by how you connect your binding on one corner. I'll have to try that, as it makes so much sense. Good job, all the way around! I love

  3. I love the quilt, isn't it great when all the pieces co,e together perfectly. I like your hanging arrangement for these minis, it makes so much sense, both for ease of hanging and switching out the quilts quickly. Our lilies are just thinking about opening, maybe in another week or so.

  4. I love the new little quilt, and the way the colors are repeated in the corners. In fact, all of them are really pretty, and the way you have them hung is just great! After seeing how you hung them, I grabbed my two yardsticks and a couple of clippies and tried it out. I really like the idea! My problem is that at this time, I don't have any more wall space! I'll have to figure that out! ---"Love"

  5. Excellent job, Barbara. You really accomplished a vintage look with your little replica block!
    Your lilies are very pretty.

  6. Well done in creating your version of the Cheddarback block...and what a dear gallery you have to display the mini’s. Pretty daylilies - you are much farther ahead - I don’t even see buds on mine yet...

  7. A fabulous duplication yet uniquely your own. It's another wonderful mini to add to your gallery wall. They all look great together.

  8. Wow, you do have the fabric stash to match those fabrics so well! What a nice finish!

  9. Your basket is framed in such a lovely way. Congratulations on a great quilt to add to the other equally beautiful little quilts!

  10. Sweet Mini Basket. I really like the corners too. The hand quilting adds such a nice texture. Your display is charming!
    pretty lilies.

  11. Sensational! I love that little basket block! And, I love how you have hung it with the yardstick! I will post these today. Thanks for sharing!

  12. GM! I am intrigued with the "hangers" you used above in your gallery. May I ask how you made them? Thanks!