Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Selvage Strings Update

I've now finished 61 selvage blocks but I'm still playing with the layout. Today is the linky party for the String SAL at Lori's Humble Quilts so make sure you take a look and be inspired.   


Since last month Rachel gave me nearly 2 yards of this black print which she picked up on the freebie table at a guild meeting. I think it'll be perfect for these selvage blocks, don't you?  It's Andover Fabrics Jo Morton #2474. If I need more does anyone have extra to share? I'm more than willing to buy or swap. Thanks.

I plan on adding another row so it will be 3 x 4. I haven't done any sewing yet.  

If I can squeeze out a 3" border and 1-1/2" sashing I'd be happy but I won't know until it's time to focus :)

In the meantime I bought these two fabrics on sale at Hancock's--paisley for the backing and the stripe for the binding. 

That's today's idea but it's always subject to change, lol!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Ooh I love what you picked for backing and binding! So... is the Jo Morton print for the sashing? I have a variety of black prints, but I don't think I have that particular one.

  2. Lovely! I really like the 2 you purchased at Hancocks!!

  3. The black fabric will make a perfect sashing/border. I don't have that fabric or I would be happy to share. Your paisley and binding fabrics will make a gorgeous back.

  4. oh yes! that black is perfect - I use black in every quilt I made. I like the contrast that it provides. I really sets off your strings beautifully.

  5. I really like what you have going here, Barbara! And I love using black to make colors in a quilt pop.
    There is a yard of that print in my stash, and you are welcome to it. My concern is that the print in yours looks almost white or cream. My piece has more of a light brown print, but it is the same pattern number and design. Could it have been printed in two colorways, or is yours washed out from a camera flash? I could send this to you and you can see if it matches.

  6. It's amazing how beautiful all those salvages look especially with the black sashing. Your two new purchases are a fun addition. You have to add new stuff to the mix to keep things fresh.

  7. Very pretty! Love how you're all set to finish it up -- backing & binding!