Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Eagle Border and Genealogy

The Eagle Medallion top is done :)

I really took my time adding the border. I did one side a day so I could concentrate on those corners.

All the sides were at or close to 61" so I only had to make a minor adjustment or two.

The mitered corners look like this :) 

This is the fabric for the back. Now I need to go to Michaels and use my 50% off coupon for a package of Hobbs 80/20 batting.

***THANK YOU, JANET for sending more of the black fabric for my selvage strings project! I really appreciate it!   


I nearly forgot about this genealogy binder I put together (more than a few years ago) until I recently came across it while looking for something else. 

This binder contains copies of records beginning with me and ending with my great-grandparents.

Within each section are copies (no originals) of all sorts of records: vital, school, census, military, legal, publicity, photos, etc. The record above is a page from my mother's high school yearbook in 1929.

The 1900 census record of my gr-grandparents, Samuel and Irene Bower, NYC. I always transcribed the original record.

The 1906 NYC marriage certificate of my paternal grandparents, Ralph Butler Davis and Maud Hankinson. 

The Civil War record of my gr-grandfather, Horace Davis. I also have a photo of him in uniform.

A letter dated 1862 written by my gr-grandmother, Margarette Edwards Davis, when her husband was away at war. 

A photo of my gr-grandmother Irene McCord Bower that was taken in 1886 at the time of her marriage. 

At the end of each section I include burial info--plot, gravestone, and obituary. It's so easy to get carried away with genealogy research as every bit of information leads to that never ending quest for another piece to the puzzle :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. This top is simply amazing! Those miters are perfect! I admire you for your genealogical research. I think my ADD makes it impossible for me to follow a thread of new information without getting sidetracked. I love reading about family history and you have done a wonderful job of getting yours all together.

  2. Your outer border is so exquisitely mitered, amazing. It makes the entire quilt shine, though I love all the individual borders that it surrounds. My sister and her son are the genealogists in our family, the rest of us just reap the rewards of their hard work.

  3. Your eagle medallion is stunning from the broderie perse appliqué to the precise mitered border. I can tell you're a detailed oriented person! Your genealogy files are wonderful too. Recently, I've been documenting my linage to a Mayflower pilgrim. It can be a challenge finding the right documentation. You're very fortunate to have had family members as detailed as you!

  4. Finished to perfection! The border fabric is amazing and making mitered corners was a great way to showcase the fabric and your mad skillz! I'm dragging my grown sons off to visit family history sites later this month. I may need to follow your example and make some paper records to leave for them, as much of my family is gone and we now live far from the historical roots. They don't have a huge appreciation for family history now, but maybe they'll be more interested as they get older.

  5. Your corners are perfection! what an elegant quilt. Hats off to you. Were the churn dashes from our swap? Hhhhm, I really have to decide about whether we're doing another swap. Can I put this on the FB page?
    Your Genealogy file is a thing of organizational beauty. I was an executive secretary for many years, so I really appreciate your detailed record. I love this kind of research and your family is so lucky to have this. My family is so recently emigrated that I fear there are no photos from the old countries. What a treasure to have the letters and photos.

  6. Barbara - your organizational skills are fabulous (you would shake your head if you saw my messy notebooks/stacks of paper) And the eagle quilt shows the same dedication to is gorgeous, from the medallion center to the perfect border. Wonderful choice for backing too...

  7. Once again, your quilt is a masterpiece !! Oh la la... I love your choice of fabrics ! Congratulations for this finish !
    Genealogy is another hobby for me too (i know you know it) and it's very exciting when we have news papers and certificates to add in our file !

  8. I love your border, and those miters are just perfect. I didn't realize that Michael's carried Hobbs batting. I'm going to look for a coupon and head to Michaels later. Thanks for the info.

  9. Absolutely beautiful fabric chosen for the border! And you did a beautiful job matching things up. You are SO fortunate to have letters, pictures, etc. of ancestors!

    1. Thank you! I've had that border fabric for years and am so glad I finally got to use it. Luckily, I come from a family of savers who also had an interest in genealogy :)

  10. WOW your quilt top is stunning. Just so beautifully balanced too. You have some great family history treasures there. I have recently moved to Japan and my genealogy binders (from years ago) will be in our sea shipment - I'm going to try to get back into it and transfer things to ancestry on line.

  11. Your quilt is stunning!! I love the border - where does one find good border fabric? I never seem to see any. The backing fabric is beautiful and I love the churn dash and all the various borders. I participated in the block exchange too. Maybe one of my blocks is in it!