Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Dear Daughter Blocks and Deep Freeze

I finished the last three Dear Daughter blocks . . . 

I just love this one! I followed the original colors including that touch of yellow and am so glad I did.  The inscription: Maxson Dunham, Piscataway, NJ, May 25, 1852. 

Another cute bird :) This block was inscribed Sarah Ann Dunham, Piscataway, NJ, May 25, 1852. 

The last one. I had to smile at those 'dog biscuit' shapes :) This block was originally inscribed Cornelius C. Blackford, May 25th 1852, Piscataway, NJ. 

And here is his gravestone at the Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Middlesex County, NJ. Find A Grave photo. Cornelius was 58 when the quilt was made in 1852. He  died in 1881 at age 87. 

I still need to trim the blocks to 8-1/2" and then decide how I'm going to set them together. Thinking narrow sashing maybe 3/4" in red with yellow cornerstones. Or???

Our backyard looked like a frozen lake during the deep freeze. 

And Saturday a pipe burst in the little apartment that's attached to the garage. It's quite the mess! The water mitigation team was here yesterday to remove the carpeting. Today is sheet rock day. That entire back wall needs to be replaced in addition to the ceiling and two other small areas in the kitchen. 

Would you believe I'm all caught up with my evening projects? I need to baste a little quilt so I have something to work on.

I think it'll be this one :)

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. So interesting to be able to locate the gravestone associated with your quilt block.
    What an awful mess you have to deal with due to the burst pipe!

  2. Very cool that you found the individual's headstone photo!
    Your blocks look lovely, and I like your sashing idea.
    My goodness, what a devastating thing to happen to the apartment. Was it occupied at the time?
    LOVE the little quilt you are going to baste. The touches of applique in the setting triangles are the perfect addition.

  3. I love you applique, and the last quilt is beautiful! I enjoy looking at gravestones online and actually in cemeteries sometimes. Sorry you have a serious problem with that busted pipe! Makes things really inconvenient for life, doesn't it? ---"Love"

  4. Your Dearest Daughter blocks are perfect and that touch of chrome yellow is a fabulous accent. But then, the pipe bursting is awful. What a mess. Sorry you have to deal with all of that. Love the next little quilt. the sashing and the bit of green applique really are the stars of those album blocks.

  5. I love your appliqué blocks, they are beautiful! I’m so sorry you have had to deal with all the mess. Hugs,

  6. Your DD blocks are so pretty. Wow a broken pipe doesn't look like fun at all. So glad you were able to work on blocks while dealing with that.

  7. Your appliqué blocks are stunning !! WOW !
    So sorry for the mess in the house ! I'm glad you're not wounded !

  8. charming and interesting applique blocks. They look fun to stitch and the color choices are so timeless - love them.
    sorry for the water troubles, what a bummer!
    Looks like a skating pond I would have tried as a young girl. We went skating every winter in Illinois on local ponds and outdoor rinks.

  9. What fun blocks! I had to LOL at the dog biscuit comment!
    What a water mess. Glad it is being fixed so quickly.

  10. What an unwelcomed situation to occur...hoping all the clean up and redoing goes smoothly...seems like this winter is causing burst pipes in many areas. Your Dear Daughter is so lovely and well done...liking the little “dog biscuit” shapes too! And how much more personal this particular quilt becomes when seeing an old grave marker bearing the name of a long ago signature. Thank you for adding that image.

  11. That little quilt with the green applique is one of my favorites of yours! Love it! And those other blocks are fantastic.:)

  12. Oh those blocks are stunning. I think a thin red sashing with yellow cornerstones sounds perfect! And, I think I might spy February's mini in the quilting queue!