Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November Little Quilt--and Snow!

I guess you could say I went back to childhood basics this month :)

Once again my inspiration came from Merikay Waldvogel's book Childhood Treasures.  

I had purchased the print fabric at our guild's Drop 'n Shop in June and it just so happens I had the right color stripe to go with it. The squares are 2-1/2" but I did 5 rows instead of 6 as shown in the original. 

Easy hand quilting.  

But I just needed to take it a step further :) I've had this little doll bed that was destined to either be donated or sold but in an instant I changed my mind, lol! I made a mattress and a pillow . . . 

. . . and added the little quilt :) Ta-da!


On another note . . . 

It's a winter wonderland in the north country and still snowing :)

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer



  1. What a sweet sweet little quilt and it looks so nice on your little bed.
    Woah that is a lot snow for November!! wow

  2. So cute~!~ We don't have any snow yet, but i'm ready for it!

  3. Oh my...what a sweet little quilt !! Perfect for this bed !
    Enjoy the snow !! Winter is just around the corner !

  4. Fabulous! I love that fabric and it looks so sweet in that cradle!

  5. What an adorable little quilt, made perfect on that sweet little bed. It's all just so cute. Your monthly quilts are always so inspiring to me. Even the basic none patch. Hope you have had to go anywhere, but been able to enjoy the snow from inside your home.

  6. A great little November mini! And you made up a wonderful set of bedding for he doll bed.
    I need to get my Nov. Mini finished.
    Oh, that is a bunch of snowflakes!! :)
    It has been snowing here today, but it changed to rain and most of it melted. Now it is snowing again.

  7. What a sweet little quilt. Really, I should begin using some of my scraps to make minis.

    Your winter wonderland looks beautiful. Where are you in the north country? My husband grew up in upstate New York which he also calls the north country.

  8. A lovely little quilt, and the bonus is, it gives you a great reason to keep that little bed. The snow is really pretty.

  9. LOVE your little crib and it's new clothes! BED clothes!