Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It's A Finish!

Scrappy Squares is done--well, all except for the label :)

This was #10 on my 2018 UFO List :) I used lots of scraps for the center portion, added a border of leftover stars from Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp SAL and framed it all with a repro feather border.

The center is made up of 9-patch blocks containing 2-1/2" squares, 1" x 2-1/2" logs and 1" squares. My inspiration came from Edyta Sitar's book, Little Handfuls of Scraps.


That striped fabric in between the stars is like following a trail around the quilt.   

Isn't that feather fabric wonderful? It's Windham Fabrics and the State Museum of Pennsylvania's Wm. Penn's Vision c. 1820 #25494.

I used a small Baptist Fan stencil for the border. 

The quilting shows up better from the back. 

I'll sew the label on after I wash the quilt next week.

Do you keep track of your projects from start to finish? I do. Here are the stats for Scrappy Squares: 

Started 4/19/17
Top done 6/23/17
Basted for quilting exactly 1 year later 6/23/18 
Started quilting 6/26/18
Quilting done and binding on 10/24/18 
A total of 69 quilting hours

The finished size is 56" x 56."
Check it off the list :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. It is gorgeous!! Curious as to why you wash the quilt before adding the label.
    I never have kept track of my projects and the time it takes.

  2. I love absolutely everything about this quilt! Superb! And, yes I do keep a calendar in my sewing room and record my daily sewing activities. I used to keep exact hours, but I don't anymore.

  3. Beautiful quilt!! Love all of your fabrics together!

  4. Love the border fabric. I like this quilt very much.

  5. Congratulations for this finish Barbara !! It's a gorgeous quilt with gorgeous fabrics !

  6. What an interesting border fabric! I would love to see this quilt close up. The fabrics and colors are just pulling me in! Lovely work.:)

  7. What a fabulous finish. I do keep track and find it fascinating when I start and actually finish. That border fabric is a WOW! I'm so glad you were able to use along with all of those other wonderful fabrics. Your quilt is really lovely.

  8. Wonderful, Barbara!
    Since I've made Edyta's little quilt, I recognize your inspiration for the center.
    That is an outstanding border fabric! And I absolutely love the fussy-cut sashing between the stars. Take a bow!! :)

  9. Wow Wow Wow
    This is such a fabulous scrap quilt! and yes, that feather fabric is gorgeous! I hope you'll consider entering into the American Tradition next year in Houston. I'm beating the drum again to encourage great quilters to share their amazing work.
    I'm so impressed by your time line record

  10. A great quilt composed of wonderful fabrics and an outstanding the stripey inner border so much - good for you in keeping a record of starts and finishes. (I sometimes have a vague notion of when a project began - especially if a date is part of a block)

  11. Wow this is gorgeous! Love all the gorgeous fabrics you used to make it. I keep track of start dates and end dates, but not much else. I do like to see my totals and figure it takes me about 2 years to finish a quilt and I finish 80% of the quilts I start.

  12. Aaaah Mine is still not quilted---but I bought batting!!!