Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July Mini and Flower Gardens

Would you like to hear the saga of July's mini quilt? I had some antique 9-patches that I purchased from Mary Koval years ago and thought I'd try and use them for this month's quilt. But they were all different sizes and the more I looked at them the more I realized they were not going to work. 

So I chose similar fabrics and made an entirely new set. I also wanted to use some of the browns that I recently purchased at GSQ.  

When it was finished I was really surprised to see how those white squares popped!

I machine quilted diagonally in both directions followed by chevrons in each quadrant which worked out fine. I had marked the lines (on the front) with a Chakoner marker but I couldn't get the pink chalk out of the white fabric so I soaked it in a pot of water with a little Dawn. Some fabrics shrunk in the process so by the time this piece was finally finished it was not what I expected it to be.

I also had a really hard time getting a good photograph. If I 'enhanced' the photo like this one is the border looked more rust than brown. 

But I think the colors in this photo are as true as they're going to get  :) 

On another note . . .

We've been at the cabin again this week for my husband's birthday and had lunch with my daughter at Heaven Hill Farm. 

The gardens there are in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous!

Cosmos . . . 

Beggarticks . . .

And Sunflowers in the formal garden :) 

Enjoy your week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Your mini is very sweet, regardless of how much trouble it may have given you. :)
    Beautiful gardens.

  2. It's funny how an original idea can take off in a different direction. I was afraid that the soaking had changed the color that much. Glad it was just the photo! Nine patches are just so sweet. Do you have a new idea of what to do with the vintage blocks? Yay, for a July finish.

  3. what a sweet little quilt! I love nine patches and browns.
    Yes the light squares pop amongst all the darker fabrics. If you set it with lights it would be other way. I love to study contrast - and I love how yours turned out.
    sorry to hear about the chalk. I have used the hera marker lately on small projects but I often find that hard to see.
    What gorgeous gardens. thanks for sharing.

  4. I think your little quilt is very pretty in spite of the problems encountered, and your flowers are gorgeous! ---"Love"

  5. A lovely resolution to your initial idea! And you still have those antique blocks to think about putting to use. Thank you for taking us along to visit the Garden...I could do a world wide tour just visiting gardens...

  6. Not all of our quilts are "born" with ease, not even (or especially?) the minis. Yours turned out really nice, maybe even enhanced by its little personality tweaks.

    I've also been experiencing some bits of leftover yellow chalk recently. I wonder if washing actually sets it?

  7. Your little July mini is super adorable!! With quilting sometimes we have to expect the unexpected.
    The flowers are beautiful. My husband redid our flower garden this year, so it'll take awhile to fill in. I let him have his way outside since he is willing to do most of the work.

  8. Fabulous July mini! I love how it evolved. As for the marking disaster, that is why I don't like to mark. I cheat whenever I can. Glad it all worked out!