Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Antebellum #6 and Chimney Sweep

Just trying to catch up :)

I finished Antebellum #6 Madame's Star and followed the color placement as shown below in the NJ quilt on Barbara B's blog.

Thanks, Barbara, for letting me use your pic!

I found this cute inking on Pinterest . . . 

. . . but my spacing wasn't terrific when I wrote 'Robert Bower' so I may fill in with a little flourish--or something else. Robert is my 2nd gr-grandfather and Phebe's spouse. Remember her from last month?

Here are blocks 1-6. I'll be making at least one more with Prussian blue fabric to try and balance things out. 



Did you notice the leaves in this quilt in Linda Otto Lipsett's book, Remember Me? I've been wanting to make a Chimney Sweep quilt like this for a long time so in addition to appliqueing leaves I started making 9" blocks in brown prints. 

The leaves are along the edges . . . 

. . . and in the corners. Isn't that a great stripe? It's Georgetown by Judie Rothermel / Marcus.

I stopped after 5 blocks and made a small top instead of a large quilt :)  

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Barbara, I love how you are personalizing your Antibellum blocks with the inkings. What a perfect "current" representation of an antique quilt. I also love your Chimney Sweep top. The sashing really makes it!

  2. The inking adds so much to the antibellum blocks. I've always loved the book Remember Me. Your interpretation is fabulous and the striped fabric is a perfect fit. It's good to remember not every quilt has to be full size.

  3. Lovely inking and very cute design.
    do you remember the chimney sweep quilt Mary and I worked on for the GSQ friendship quilt? I loved it and always meant to do one one day. The piecing is picky isn't it? Your topped is just beautiful. that stripe is great

  4. Good job on those points. I like your inking in the center.