Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Mini and Wildflowers

I'd been saving this flag/bird pattern for quite some time and thought it would be the perfect little quilt for May:)

Only recently did I discover that it is a Cheri Payne design. I pulled the reds from my scrap bin and shortened the flags by one row.

The birds are fused and so is the star but it kept coming loose so I did a little hand-stitching along the edge to solve the problem :) I hand-quilted around the birds and star and machine-quilted diagonal lines on the rest. 

The backing is an older Pledge of Allegiance fabric and the finished quilt is 17" x 21".  It was definitely a fun one to make--and quick! Make sure you hop on over to Kyle's blog to see her sweet little quilt :) And a big thank you to Wendy for this fun challenge!

On another note . . .

This past weekend my daughter and I went in search of wild flowers and here's what we saw:

A Painted Trillium . . . 

Trout Lily . . . 

Starflowers . . . 

And my all-time favorite Lady Slipper :)

There was a huge patch on one of the hiking trails.

Even a white one which I'd never seen before. 

And it seemed like the heavenly fragrance of lilacs permeated the air everywhere in the Adirondacks :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Beautiful, all of them! I've never seen a Lady Slipper before. Thanks for sharing! ---"Love"

    1. So glad you liked the pics! Lady Slippers are amazing!

  2. Your monthly minis are always a delight to see. This one is so cute and perfectly suited for the end of May. Ok, now we both have to start thinking about what to do for June! Loved seeing the wildflower photos. Those are ones I haven't seen for a long long time.

  3. Such a charming quilt and perfect for the season.

  4. Your little mini is perfect!
    Love all the flowers. I'm a floral stalker when I'm out hiking too!

  5. Perfect little quilt for May Barbara !
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers... they are all terrific !

  6. What pretty wildflowers! Those lady slippers are so neat. I've never seen them in the wild.
    Your little flag quilt is a delight especially with those little black birds.

  7. Such a rare treat to discover lady slippers - you took some lovely photos! The trilliums in our woods were here one day and then the fast approaching heat took them. Your little flag quilt is cute as can be - so appropriate for May and Memorial Day.

  8. I am soooo far behind on my blog reading. I must apologize! I just found this post and Janet has a May mini done too. I will try to get them linked up today. Sheesh! I love this little one!!