Thursday, April 12, 2018

Antebellum #3 and This 'n That

This week just flew by!

I did manage to make Antebellum Block #3, Friendship Star. I hand-pieced it because I didn't trust myself to do it by machine. 


I thought I'd try copying this original inked design which Barbara B. provided on her blog.     

I kept "Henry" but changed the last name to "W. Davis" for my 2nd gr-grandfather, Henry Wooden Davis (1800-1874) of Ulster County, NY.  

Uh-oh, I'm bouncing around! See the china cabinet? This pic was taken in my grandparents' house in the 1950s.

And this is it now. Here's the story :) When my aunt Midge moved into our small garage apartment nearly 10 years ago the cabinet was one of her possessions. Then about 1-1/2 years ago I decided I wasn't ever going to re-finish this piece and put it out on the curb hoping someone would take it. In the meantime, I had gone to a 2nd hand furniture shop looking for an end table and mentioned to the owner that if he was interested in the cabinet he could swing by and pick it up. Then just a few weeks ago I went back looking for some chairs and asked if he remembered the cabinet and if he ever did anything with it. Well, look at it now! He had painted it white and I just couldn't resist buying it back :) 

This is one of several pillowcase dresses I made for Lori at Humble Quilts to bring to Colombia. How cute is this little girl? (Lori's pic)

On Barbara B's Material Culture blog she recently showed some quilts where "anything goes" in reference to fabric choices. And that reminded me of this Whirligig quilt top that I bought at a flea market many years ago.

The brown floral sashing reminded me of my grandmother's aprons :)

This is GSQ's BOM for April. It's an I Spy block featuring things that fly. 

Mark your calendars! Our guild is having a Quilt Show May 19-20 in Parsippany, NJ. Rachel, Dawn, and I have each been asked to provide several quilts for a special exhibit :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. what a fun post! Your inking is so beautiful. I love inking on quilts. I'm with you on hand piecing that complicated block.
    Your cabinet story is wonderful and having the cabinet back must be a joy.
    Makes me want to paint some old furniture I have.
    What a fun BOM idea. I hope you'll share photos of the show - I miss my BSQ buddies.

  2. Oh my gosh! I hope the furniture dealer made you a great deal! I was cracking up reading this!!
    Love your inked bloc- gorgeous!!
    I LOVE that photo of the little girl with her dress! What a sweetie! I'm so glad you found one of your dresses in my photos.

  3. What a a great cabinet story! Like Lori, I hope you got a good deal, but how nice to have it back in your family. The inking on your block is great, especially adding your family names. I would have hand pieced that block too. Probably took less time than sewing it on the machine because I would have had to have done it multiple times.

  4. Your block is fabulous ! I didn't realize mine yet because I don't arrive to print the good template...well...I'm going to look for another solution !
    This little girl with dress is very sweet !

  5. Your cabinet history is delightful! And it has ended up exactly where it belongs. What a terrific red print in your handpieced well done and the inking fits perfectly. Now you have my head going as to picking out paint for some furniture pieces that need redoing.

  6. Oh how I love this little mini! You have quite a collection of conversationals. I adore the little panel in the center. WHat a perfect center. I hope to have mine posted by Friday. Great job on your little dresses. I admire Lori so much for making that arduous trip. Funny about your cabinet. It is a much better story than if you had simply paid someone to refinish it for you! Have fun at your show, I surely wish I could be there.

  7. Oh my gosh! I hope the furniture dealer made you a great deal! I was cracking up reading this!!