Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Shakespeare Sale & Cherry Blossoms

One of my favorite things to do is go to the NJ Shakespeare Theater's Costume and Prop Sale to see what goodies I can find.

There were props of all kinds . . . 

. . . and racks of costumes and vintage clothing . . . 

. . . and unique and original items like this wearable train made out of cds.  

I couldn't resist this "button" top :) . . .

. . . or this key-covered vest. It weighs a ton! I'll never wear either of these items but they "spoke" to me and I just had to have them. A bargain at $10 a piece :)

Last Saturday we took a drive through Branch Brook Park in Newark to see the cherry blossoms. Last year we missed all the early-blooming trees but this year we were there at the right time.


There were so many people and nowhere to park so my husband was at-the-ready snapping pictures from the car. I just love the weeping cherry trees. So beautiful!

At our house the daffodils are finally making a splash :)  We had two 80 deg days last week but our morning temps have been in the 30s. I'm so tired of wearing long johns on my morning walks, lol! 

Wishing you a happy spring wherever you are!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh what fun! I love the button top and I think I would have picked up both at that price too. I can't imagine what the CD train sounds like when you walk! Our daffodils are up a few inches, but now out yet. Happy Spring to you!

  2. The cherry blossoms seem to turn the air pink. Oh, come on! Don't you think you should model your two new wardrobe pieces?!?

  3. I love those pieces and it really made my smile that you brought them home! how fun. I also like the flower covered piece which I'll bet was from a Midsummer's Night Dream.
    The Cherry Blossoms are incredible. Just gorgeous.
    Daffodils are one of my favorites :)

  4. The button embellished vest would very appropriate for anyone who sews! And just think, if you were ever out somewhere wearing the key vest...and lost your of those would surely fit! How I miss East Coast Springs - the cherry blossoms and dogwood...sigh...thank you sharing the gorgeous images.

  5. What a beautiful little quilt! Your zigzag quilting is very effective! I'll have to try that someday. ---"Love"