Saturday, December 23, 2017

It's All in the Details

Here are the last of the photos I wanted to show you. They are mostly details of repeat block quilts.

Beautifully quilted Laurel Leaves. 

Wild Goose Chase in a patriotic color scheme.

Lots of feather quilting.

Well-executed King David's Crown. 

This "Apple Pie Creek style applique quilt" was described as a pattern that "is unique in quilting history to the Apple Pie Creek area of Virginia, a Quaker settlement." (For more info see History of Apple Pie Ridge on Lynda Chenoweth and Mary Robare's Quaker Quilts blog here.)  


The same red fabric was used throughout. Close straight line quilting in the border creates a stippling effect.    

An Album Quilt from Windsor, NJ, includes signatures of both men and women along with symbols of the Odd Fellows (IOOF) fraternal organization.  


An unusual roller-printed Oval Medallion Quilt.

There are stars on three sides and dogtooth borders on all. 

Quilted in cross-hatch and chevrons.

Silk Four Patch with Federal Backing (back is folded to the front). 

Gorgeous eagle fabric! 

This Cutwork Appliqued Bed Cover has 63 blocks each with a signature. Names are attributed to New Brunswick, NJ.

Teeny-tiny stitches on the appliques!

That's all for now :)

Enjoy the holiday!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Wow! what fabulous quilts. You must have swooned. The hand quilting is just so fo fabulous - and that bird border print is lush and gorgeous.
    thanks for sharing
    Love that mantel too - so simple and lovely

  2. Gorgeous details and gorgeous appliqué !!
    I especially love the "King David's Crown" !!

  3. The King David’s Crown caught my heart - so beautiful! The others are so wonderful but as so often happens, one in particular will reach out. Following the funeral for my parents at Arlington National Cemetery, we came through the Apple Pie Ridge area - passed a road named that and wish we could have had time to take that “road less traveled”. The Apple Pie Ridge block was the first one we did in the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt with Sentimental Stitches a while back. Lovely post!!

  4. Thank you Barbara for showing us all these old and wonderful quilts.
    Friendship and Merry Christmas

  5. Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Thanks for the eye candy. I went to a symposium in Winchester a few years ago and one of the activities was a house tour and quilt viewing at a very old house on Apple Pie Ridge. Such a beautiful area! I live in Maryland and have been seeing the earliest "Apple Pie Ridge Star" blocks made in Baltimore --> Frederick. I hope we will have some at the AQSG seminar in October 2018.