Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hello Fall!

After a full day of soaking rain the glorious fall colors finally popped!

The view from our cabin.

What fun it was to see this hay bale lion welcoming visitors to Whiteface Mountain Ski Area.   

The trees along the AuSable River were spectacular. The river flows northward . . . 

. . .  past our dock . . . 

. . . to the Wilmington Bridge . . . 

. . . and on to Ausable Chasm where it eventually empties into Lake Champlain. 

A rainbow appeared while we were working at the Community Garden :)  

My little harvest :)

And it's that time of year to haul in the dock. My daughter and her husband use ropes and pulleys to raise it out of the water. What manpower! 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. How pretty. I love fall folliage.

  2. How beautiful is your cabin place ! The colors are gorgeous ...thank you for sharing Barbara !

  3. Happy Fall to you! That lion is adorable. Some people are so clever! It is sad to see floats being pulled up for the season. We have so much salt and current here, we don't have to pull floats or docks. I may be crazy, but I am looking forward to the quiet of winter.

  4. Such peacefulness to live beside the water...hearing the constant ripples and flow and then you add Fall color! Lovely images - thank you for sharing.
    Our pond is being visited by migrating geese and wood ducks - a sure sign of changing seasons.

  5. Its always bittersweet to end the cabin season. what a gorgeous rainbow and all the other pretty scenery. I'm still waiting for pretty colors here in CT.
    Great little harvest! love the gourds.