Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#5 Done, QAL Done, Cross-Stitch

It was a productive week--sort of :)

#5 on my UFO list is now done. I started All That Madders last October and thought it would be a quick and easy finish.

I quilted the stars in straight lines and chevrons . . . 

. . . in the ditch along the inner striped border . . . 

. . . and double diamonds in the outer border. That's where I began to run into trouble. I hastily marked the diamonds thinking they fit almost perfectly just inside the printed border stripe and that I could make slight adjustments along the way if needed. I realized too late that each quilted diamond point left a little indentation which skewed the printed line. I tried to make it better by quilting along the inside of the line on both sides but that didn't solve the problem. Not a happy camper! 

The 3/8" binding also gave me problems. I should have done a single binding instead of a double but I didn't. And I realize now it was a big mistake to put another stripe on the back. You can see it lined up fine on the right but not on the left. In any case the quilt looks okay from the front--just don't turn it over!

On a happier note Palmateer Point is done! I machine quilted it on the diagonal and finished it with a 1/4" binding :)

The back. 

When I was cleaning out my sewing room a few weeks ago, I came across a sampler that I made 51 years ago! So after all these years I finally decided to have it framed. Michaels was having one of their custom framing specials so that's where I brought it :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Great finishes! I'm drooling over the border fabric in All That Madders ( the one with the flags and drums)!!!

  2. Wow! Great finishes. I love them all. Good for you for framing your 1966 cross stitch. I made my first quilt in 1965. Wish I could see it now (or maybe not!).

  3. Stunning quilts as usual Barbara ! Love the outer border of the first one !

  4. Very productive indeed! And how fabulous is that border you chose for All That they say in gymnastics - you stuck the landing!!

  5. Your work is always inspiring. Seems we all love that border print. It's amazing that you kept the cross stitch. It's wonderful that you finally got it framed.

  6. I love how the quilting looks. It's a great quilt no "madder" what.
    Fabric moves and our work is made by hand. I hope you can embrace your stripes, I think they look great on the back.
    Your cross stitch is charming and its good to know that I'm not the only one having old work finally framed.