Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Little Things

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things :)

Last Sunday I made 3 pillowcase dresses for little girls in Colombia. Read about Lori's February trip at I purchased these pillowcases at the thrift shop for 50-cents each. I just love the way they turned out. They make me smile!

I started prepping the next "odd" hexie block. It's in black and white because the colors were really, really off. I think I need a new battery for my camera. Anyway, I fussy cut 1-1/8" strips, attached them in spiral fashion, and trimmed the extra fabric.

I turned under the edges 1/4" and appliqued the hexie to the background square. I now have 2 done. Oh, btw, my initials are in the fabric 'B D S'. This hexie was a reject when I was putting together my Morris hexie quilt. It was too big.

Our first guild meeting of the year was held Monday night. The Sunshine Committee put a small packet on each chair asking everyone to make a 9-1/2" unfinished block that will eventually be sewn into a charity quilt. The blocks are due at the February meeting. It's a great way to get everyone involved!

Yesterday I made 25 four-patch blocks for Lori's Palmateer Point quiltalong. I had a stack of 2" squares and chain-stitched them together in no time at all. No fussing just letting the lights and darks fall where they may. It'll be fun to see what the next step is. This will be the 5th small quilt quiltalong I've participated in with Lori. Here are the others:

 All That Madders 2016 

Country Roads 2015

 Cascadia 2014

 Midwinter Blues 2014

There's still time to join in the fun!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer



  1. What a fun post! Those little dresses are so cute! I have a hard time finding cute pillowcases.
    Love your fussy cut blocks.

  2. Your hexie block is beautiful Barbara ! Love the fabrics !
    I participate in the QAL of Lori too and I have made my blocks too ! :)

  3. You did find cute pillowcases. Lori comes up with some super cute ideas. I've made several but I'm generally late to the party.

  4. what charming dresses - you really nailed the pillowcase style! wow
    great hexie block -
    fun to see your past Lori little quilts!
    love those 4-patches

  5. Sweet little dresses will make some little girls smile too! My guild makes fun pillowcases for the Lakota children at the Pine Ridge Reservation. And it makes us smile and hope it helps for a good nights sleep. Will have to check out Lori's QAL - have not done one in a while. Wonderful fussy cutting on your Hexie block!