Sunday, September 3, 2017

Another Walk and Dreaming

We arrived at the cabin Wed. afternoon and the first thing I did Thurs. morning was go for a walk :)

I passed a long stretch of Queen Anne's Lace along the side of the road. . . 


. . . took pics of the sunflowers at the Community Garden and . . .  

. . . the squash in my plot that are now beyond eating! 

I walked to the bridge where the dam is closed in the summer to make the river suitable for swimming and opened again in the fall to lower the water level for winter. 

Back at our cabin the purple coneflowers are in full bloom.


But why is it that every time we go to the cabin I get all these ideas for new projects that I want to begin RIGHT AWAY! This is one. I came across a quilt in the book Chintz Quilts: Unfading Glory by Lacy Folmar Bullard and Betty Jo Shiell thinking it would be a good layout for six leftover hexies that I made last year for Barbara Brackman's Morris Hexathon quiltalong.

At a time when I should have been packing, lol, I quickly cut a 14" square for the background then added a narrow strip to each side of the hexie so I could bring it with me to applique :)  

Then I thought about making another quilt like this one that I made for my niece's wedding in 1994. But the second time around I'd use toiles and early chintzes. What's easier than 4" squares, edge triangles and a center focus??

And I want to draft and make this block to add to my NJ Plainfield Sampler quilt that I started 2 years ago . . . 

But in the meantime I've been quilting Morris Hexies which I hope to finish next month :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. The squash may be beyond human eating, but if you know someone with chickens...... cut in half and the chickens will love them..... to bits.

  2. We love your new projects ! Not a problem for us ah ah !
    Love your blocks as usual...they are sooo beautiful ! And good luck for your nice quilting !

  3. So much inspiration and so many new projects! Love them!

  4. What a lovely area for a walk. I haven't seen Queen's Anne Lace for a very long time. It's amazing how beautiful a quilt can be with just 4" squares especially with toiles. Have fun.

  5. Yes indeed! If I had a nickel (or better yet a fat quarter) for every new quilt that popped into my head, I'd be a millionaire! Happy that you had a great time at the cabin despite all the quilts roaming around your head. Enjoy the day.

  6. what beautiful garden and flower photos. I guess the gourds are decorative now.
    Your quilting is over the top fabulous on your hexies!
    yay chintz