Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Some Quilts From . . .

In 2003 the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study Group went on a field trip to Lititz, PA, for a special viewing of the quilts at the (now defunct) Pennsylvania Quilt & Textile Museum. Of course, Rachel and I went. I recently came across the photos I took that day and thought you'd like to see them.

Album Quilt with Birds from the Peto Collection.

Baltimore Album Quilt Heart in Hand also from the Peto Collection.

A beautifully appliqued quilt with a peacock:)

I'd like to make a Tumbling Blocks quilt some day :)

Lots of squares.

I was intrigued with this quilt mainly because I had been making Philadelphia Pavement blocks and was looking for ways to put them together. In fact, they are on my '17 in 2017' UFO list to work on this year!

Another great postage stamp layout. Check out two similar quilts on my Pinterest board here and here

This one's made of triangles with a patriotic center. Here's another one.  

Loved seeing these quilts up close and personal.

An interesting compass block.

And wonderful fabric :)


On another note here's what's blooming in our garden:

Pink roses . . . 

. . . ruffled iris called Edith Wolford . . . 

.  . . and Spiderwort :) 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Thanks for sharing that interesting post. I hope to make a tumbling block quilt someday too. Your roses and iris are lovely! ---"Love"

    1. You're welcome! There's just something about a Tumbling Blocks quilt that fascinates me. Hope you get to make one, too.

  2. Those quilts are timeless. Interesting dress fabric. You'd have to have a good figure to wear those stripes!

  3. beautiful spring blooms! I love spiderwort - well any blue flower actually. Jill gave me forget me nots years ago and I had to leave them in NJ.
    What greats - especially those applique beauties! wow.

  4. What a treat! I had never seen that one with the peacock in it. I adore it. I wonder what happened to their collection when they closed? I think a Tumbling Block would be right up your alley! I made one for my niece in 1983 before I knew how challenging those y-seams could be. Your flowers are beautiful.

  5. What gorgeous quilts! Lucky you to see them up close and personal!