Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Plainfield 3, High Peaks and Wood Block Print Stars

I managed to prep another block for my NJ Sampler quilt before the holiday weekend; quilted some on a doll quilt High Peaks while we were away; and sewed four stars today :) 

Block #3 for the Plainfield sampler quilt. A quarter was just the right size for the circles I'll do in reverse applique. Can you see them?

I drafted the 14" block on graph paper (click on the image for a better view). I use the freezer paper method to transfer the design onto fabric.  

This little quilt is from a Lori Smith pattern. I made it last year and have been quilting it for the past two weeks. I decided to call it High Peaks.

Wood Block Print stars from last week.

Windham's Lancaster Heritage by Patty Harants.

Three different prints from one small piece of striped fabric--the center, points (all except 2) and the background. 

An all-time favorite which also comes in a blue colorway. I put this version on the back of my Nine Patch Variation quilt here.

This fabric was in with a packet of shirting fat quarters I purchased from Hancock's. I think it passes as a good Wood Block Print, don't you?

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


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  2. I don't know to do reverse appliqué ! Your block is going to be awesome !!
    Love your BB stars !! And the little quilt is cute too.... Really love all the fabrics and colors you used !
    Happy thursday !

  3. What are you using for design inspiration for the NJ quilt?

  4. Love the fabric in your stars and your little quilt. The Sampler has me intrigued - is it your own design?

  5. Nice Stars Barb! hey, did you see that BB had us both in her Pillar print post? the 3 barbs.....
    Love the lori smith quilt, great repros there.
    I'd love to hear more about your applique project - nice!