Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Time for T" and Green Calico Stars

I brought 4 projects with me to the cabin last week but only worked on the T-block quilt that I made last year. I intended to practice machine quilting but . . .

. . . hand quilted it instead. 


I'd been saving this picture from Country Living magazine since 1982 thinking I would make a T Quilt just like the one on the wall.

Even sketched it out with the colors I wanted to use. . .

. . . and made 9 blocks as a sample. But my dream of making a large quilt soon came to an end. Frustration set in when I didn't like the way the seams came together where the base of one T met the top of the next.

Perhaps a better idea would have been to set them with sashing like I did with these blocks. 

Last week's Green Calico stars.

This week it's purple stars. 

Look close. Those are wolves being walked on the river. Every day the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge takes their wolves on a "wolf walk". Check out their website :)

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Beautiful quilt. I also have back issues of magazines I use for inspiration. Thinking one day I will make a quilt just like the one pictured--mine never quite turn out that way

  2. I love T quilts. Always wanted to make a big one. I have made a little doll quilt and gave it away.
    Yours is really wonderful, love that renegade block in the center. Jos ladies looks great too -
    Nice green blocks. Need to make my purple one today!