Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Natalie's Tulip & Madder Stars

I finally made a small piece using the 9-patches and appliqued tulip that my friend, Natalie, had made when we (HQPNJ) were working on our book about Florence Peto.

I'm sure Natalie intended to make a quilt similar to Florence's Calico Garden. The blocks are only 3". 

I added some broderie perse in the edge triangles. . .   

. . . and cut the floral sprays from this fabric.  

When I was making Album Patch in 1996, Natalie gave me the fabric for the sashing . . .  

. . . and I used it for the borders in Natalie's Tulip :)

Here are my madder stars from last week's quiltalong.

Believe it or not some of this fabric is in the above quilt!

Not sure what possessed me to put all these prints together. 

Looking forward to making Indigo Blue stars next. 

The other morning I was on the floor stretching when this amazing sunrise caught my eye!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer

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  1. What an elegant little quilt. I love your book about Florence. she is one of my quilt heros. I never met Natalie, but when I was librarian I had labels made for her books that were donated and that is how I met Laura. What a lovely lovely tribute.
    wonderful album patch quilt and madder stars!