Monday, December 22, 2014

Cascadia Quiltalong

I participated in Lori's Cascadia Quiltalong and today is the day for everyone to reveal their quilts. Hop on over to Lori's blog to see the little quilt that inspired her. I'm still working on mine, though, and just started quilting it this past week.   

This was a great way to use up a lot of little scraps. The squares are 1" finished. I'm quilting horizontal lines in the center panel, chevrons in the diagonals and vertical lines in the sides.

Thanks, Lori, for a fun project!

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Your cascadia is so cute !! Love the colors and the fabrics !

  2. I agree. Love all the colors. Enjoy!

  3. Nice job! Love the fabric. Thanks for linking up and sewing along!