Friday, October 18, 2013

Common Jersey Carver, Museum Exhibit and Two Quilts

The Common Jersey Carver is an anonymous stone cutter whose carvings can be seen in numerous New Jersey cemeteries including several near where I live. The gravestones date from 1737 to 1777 and feature the symbol of mortality--a winged death head with rows of teeth.

Last month I went to the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts in Madison, NJ, to see their current exhibit, "Ghosts, Ghouls & Gravestones." I was allowed to take photographs and have posted some below. Two quilts, too!   

 Whippany Burial Yard, Whippany, NJ

Asai Son of Edmaund
& Abigail Craine
Aged 5 months & 14
Ds Decd Novr ye 18th

First Presbyterian Church of Hanover, E. Hanover, NJ

Here lies ye Body of
Ruth wife of henry
Burnet Aged 38 years
4 mo & 11 Ds Decd
March ye 4 1750

 Whippany Burial Yard, Whippany, NJ

Here lyes ye Body of
Bethiah wife of Capt
Daniel Lum Decd
Novr ye 2d 1752
Aged 36 years 

   First Presbyterian Church of Hanover, E. Hanover, NJ
 Catharine Daur of
Peter & Rebekah
Smith Decd April
ye 21 1754 Aged
3 years 2 mo
& [   ] Days

                                        First Presbyterian Church of Hanover, E. Hanover, NJ

Here lyes ye Body of
John Williams
Decd Febry ye 8
1755 in ye 70 year
of his Age

 First Presbyterian Church of Hanover, E. Hanover, NJ

Here lies ye Body
of Mary Wife of
Col. Joseph Tuttle
Decd April 9 1760
aged 56 Years

 Ely Cemetery, Livingston, NJ

Bennoni Jones
Son of Fredrick &
Elizabeth Jones he
Died [  ] 1777
Aged 3 years

Detail of Bennoni Jones gravestone above. 

The Museum of Early Trades & Crafts is housed in this beautiful stone building which is listed on both the State and National Registers of Historic Places. 

Here's the story board for the exhibit. 

Some mourning hats . . . 

. . . and a Corpse Preserver coffin. Who knew??

There was a lovely exhibit of gravestone rubbings by John Zielinski. 

Here's another.

There were two quilts downstairs--this Medallion hanging above a fireplace and a Nine Patch strippy.  

The are some interesting fabrics in this quilt.

 It was difficult to get a good photo because of the vinyl covering but you get the idea.  

 Here's a detail of one of the blocks.

I'm really looking forward to Historical Hauntings at the Ely Cemetery next Saturday. This is another event organized by the Livingston Bicentennial Historical Committee and the Livingston Historical Society. Costumed actors and actresses will portray some of the people who are buried in the cemetery and I'm in charge of costumes :)

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