Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quilts in the Blanket Chest

While I was looking for something in our blanket chest, I decided it was time to photograph the quilts I keep in there. Mostly they are a handful of my older quilts including some of the Garden State Quilters challenge projects that I made years ago.

But first here is my latest . . .

I just finished this small quilt which I'm calling Falling Leaves. I had so-o-o many triangles leftover from the Autumn in the High Peaks quilt I made for my brother that I thought a 9-block quilt would be a good way to showcase them. It's only 27" square and the blocks are 6".  It's machine pieced and hand quilted in diagonal rows and cable border.

I did straight line quilting in the sashing. I really liked working on a quilt this size and have plans to do more.

In 1986 I made Amish Bars as part of Garden State Quilters batting samples test. I have no idea which batting I used where but this is what was offered: Polyfil Extra Loft by Fairfield, Staple Stuf & Fluf, Mountain Mist Cotton, Mountain Mist Polyester, Hobbs Cloud Light (?) and Putnam Soft Shapes.

I started Bowtie in 1983 and finished it in 1990! It's 24" x 24" with Prairie Points along the outer edges.

A Garden State Quilters challenge project, I made Woven Arrow from December 1988 to February 1989. I don't know how I came up with this odd shape! I actually put two hanging sleeves on the back--one near  the top and the other in the middle. I think GSQ provided two of the fabrics with the option of adding one or more.

The GSQ challenge project in 1996 was to make a quilt and incorporate the sun, moon, and stars. Based on an antique game board, Townley Lodge was made in memory of my mason grandfather, Stanton M. Bower. Thank goodness I wrote on the label what I actually quilted in those small squares or else you'd never know. One 1" letter fit perfectly in each square of the checkerboard:

Stanton M. Bower
Grand Organist
Townley Lodge
Pal Pk NJ

My maternal grandfather, Stanton M. Bower (1888-1965), was the Worshipful Master of Townley Lodge in Palisades Park, NJ, in 1938 and Grand Organist in 1942. He was the son of Samuel Bower and Irene McCord. See my post about Sam. 

Shoofly, date unknown--early 80s, probably. This started out to be a larger quilt which I displayed in a hoop on a stand in our living room. I recall the sun faded a good portion of it so I took it apart and made two small quilts. One is hanging in my friend's house at the shore and this one stays in the blanket chest. 

I finished Starlight in 1992 and exhibited it in the non-judged category at the GSQ show that year. It's 42" x 42" and has two print and three solid fabrics. Note the print fabric in the stars is the same one that I used in that odd-shaped piece above. I quilted it with black thread.

Lastly, you might enjoy this online exhibit of The Quilts at Historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY.

Copyright 2013, Barbara Schaffer

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