Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Darlin'

Every time my great Aunt Leila and Uncle George came to NJ for a family gathering, Uncle George would greet me with a big "Hello Darlin'!" I just thought about that the other day and had to laugh as it seemed so out of character for someone who lived his entire life in the Bronx, NY. Thanks to Aunt Leila for saving oodles of family memorabilia, I thought it would be nice to honor Uncle George for his military service during World War I.


On May 17, 1918, George received his orders to report for active duty at Newport, RI. He was 27 years old.

He had a slight build and was only 5' 5-1/2" tall. 

Dated Feb. 1, 1919, Gibraltar. "My home for the present. U.S.S. Maury, Torpedo Boat Destroyer No. 100, U.S.N.  Length 315 ft.; breadth, 30 ft.; Heigth [sic] from water to deck at bow, 12 ft; Heigth [sic] from water to deck at stern, 6 ft; Power - two curtiss turbine engines, 27,000 hp; Steam plant - four tubular marine boilers; Speed with two boilers - 27 knots; Speed with four boilers - 39 knots; Armed with four 4-inch guns; Armed with two one pound anti air craft guns; Armed with one depth charge Y gun; Armed with two depth charge racks; Armed with four triple torpedo tubes, 12 torpedoes; Crew of 130 men - destroyer sailors. I am yours truly, one small spud. George"

George was assigned to the 3rd Section of the Landing Force. 

"We're paid in currency of whatever port we were in. In Turkey we received gold coin and exchanged $5.00 gold for $7 in American money."

Dated Dec. 2, 1918. Dear Leila, I am sending you this now and hope you receive it before Christmas or New Years and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and better still I hope I can wish this to you personally by that time. Be happy dear and I'll see you soon. George"

One of several postcards that George acquired on his travels.

Dated Jan. 1, 1919. "Hello Toots: I don't know what it says or means on the other side of this postal, but I guess it's allright. Be good dear. Georgie xx."

Uncle George and Aunt Leila on their 55th wedding anniversary, June 1, 1973. Mayor Alfred B. DelBello sent a letter of congratulations on behalf of the City of Yonkers. How times have changed :)

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