Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Mini

Use 'em up!

This month's mini was put together in no time at all. I have lots of pre-cut scraps in varying sizes so it was just a matter of picking and choosing. The finished quilt is 14-1/2" x 17-1/2".

It was so easy to take even large triangles, sew them together, and trim to 3-1/2" for the blocks (3" finished). And I always have 1-1/2" x 3" strips on hand that I could use for the border (1" x 2-1/2" finished).   

Nothing fancy on the back. Sometimes I go with a piece just because it's the right size :)

Then I hung it with two others in my sewing room to enjoy!    

Thanks, Wendy, for keeping us going! And while you're visiting make sure you check out her fabulous "Community Supper" Covid quilt :) 

On another note . . . 

I just finished quilting Dear Daughter so now I can move on to the binding. Yay! 

See you next week! 

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer   


  1. Now that is my kind of mini! I love everything about it. Quick and scrappy and beautiful! I spy some of my favorite prints in there too. Thanks for another great mini. I will post and link later today. Your Dear Daughter quilt is stunning. It must feel wonderful to be at the binding stage. And, your bouquet is so sweet. Oh how I love wild flowers.

  2. Love it! Quilts made with scraps on hand are the ones that draw me in the most, and this one is loaded with charm. Your Dear Daughter is spectacular!

  3. How neat to make such an interesting block from just scraps! I'm trying to make myself get into that a bit. I love your little quilt hangers! ---"Love"

  4. I recognize a lot of those fabrics. Those scraps all worked out perfectly. Dear Daughter is fabulous. All of that quilting! The yellow sashing just makes the blocks pop.

  5. This little quilt just has "Fun" written all over it! Totally scrappy so often makes for our favorite quilts. Love Dear Daughter too.

  6. Your dear daughter is stunning! Nice work!!
    Love your minis too.

  7. What a sweet little mini! Love the scrappy look. And great job on your quilting. Love that stage!:)

  8. Oh what a great post from your scrappy wonderful mini (looks so sweet with the others on your wall) and oh wow!! Dear Daughter absolutely gorgeous.

  9. There is always something so sweet with a little quilt. I cannot describe it, but i love them.

  10. Your mini is a wonderful celebration of a true scrap quilt. It makes me so happy to look at it. A great grouping of your little quilts on the wall.
    Dear Daughter looks incredible! Such a beautiful job on the quilting. That finish has got to feel good!
    Such a pretty "cottage garden" bouquet.

  11. what a charming little quilt and it looks so nice with it's friends.
    Your Dear Daughter quilt is stunning! The cross hatch quilting is simply lovely. What a beautiful quilt.
    What a pretty bouquet.