Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pillar Prints: Stars and Quilts

Oh, how I love Pillar Prints!  

My Pillar Print stars from last week. Starting with the top left and bottom right . . .

By Jinny Beyer for RJR Fashion Fabrics nearly 18 years ago. It came in two colorways--blue and pink.

  I put both on the back of the Variable Stars quilt here.

By Karen Jarrar for Marcus Brothers. My favorite! Beautifully detailed. 

It came in three colorways: cream, blue, and yellow with pink flowers. 

I used the blue version as the border on one of my quilts. Barb V. used the yellow in her beautiful quilt, Sumptuous Stars. Check it out on Barbara B's blog

After I made this star . . . 

 . . . I made another because I wasn't sure I liked the first one :)

Would you like to hear the story about this fabric? We were in Sweden for my son's wedding (1997) and took a side trip to Gothenberg where I spotted this fabric in a store window.  It was displayed as a "furniture throw." The storekeeper didn't have any in stock so climbed into the window and sold it to me. Made my day!  

I have no idea where it was manufactured but it certainly has a different look.

Here it is on the back of another repro. 

Did you notice the yellow w/red squiggles in that print? It was perfect for the windows/curtains in this house block :)

I finished High Peaks so-called for the high peaks in the Adirondacks. I had more fun choosing fabrics and quilting this little piece but it ended up being slightly skewed. I'm not used to working with such small pieces (1" hst) so it was a lesson learned. Check the size of your finished blocks and square them up before sewing them together :) I do that for all my quilts but why I didn't do it for this one is beyond me!

Have a wonderful day!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh those pillar prints! I've never cared much for them hence had a hard time locating one for my star. Now I have a new appreciation, especially after seeing yours, and how you've used them. Beautiful!

    Don't worry if your little quilt is slightly out of whack - that simply adds to the charm!

    Those wavy red lines in the windows makes it look like your house is on fire :-0

  2. I really love your pillar prints !! Your stars are so beautiful like that !
    Don't worry about the size of your little quilt ! It's awesome !!
    And I specially love the door fabric on the block house !! :)

  3. Your fabric collection is awesome.

  4. I adore pillar prints and your examples are wonderful!
    your new Hight Peaks is really lovely

  5. I don't have a single pillar print - just hoping my LQS has something. Your collection is amazing! Your little quilt looks great to me.