Monday, March 2, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution Finale!

What a great feeling it is to have finished this quilt! Thank you Lori for keeping us on track since last August. I never would have made this quilt on my own so being part of a quiltalong certainly has its advantages :) I had decided to make this quilt in memory of my gr4-grandfathers who fought in the Revolution and will put all their names/info on the label. 

I was really happy with the way all those flags went together. The fabric I chose for the border is the same fabric I used for the eagle--dark brownish/black. Of course I had to keep my fingers crossed that it was still available where I initially bought it--and it was!

Looking back here's my design wall with the eagle and tree flags in September.

I have to say the most challenging block was the Whiskey Rebellion flag. Those streamers were testing my applique skills :)

I'll be at QuiltFest NJ on Thursday so maybe I'll find a good fabric for the back.

Thanks again, Lori, for a fun project!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a nice remembrance for your grandfathers. Your quilt turned out just beautiful and I agree that block was a bit of a challenge.

  2. Fabulous and I love the very dark eagle. Very striking. That's wonderful to recognize your great grandfathers on the label.

  3. It looks really good and I like that fabric for the border! Woo-Hoo!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. I made my quilt in memory of my dad who made folk art flags. It's intersting that someone else made this as a memorial quilt. It makes it extra special. I may try to find my Revolutionary War relatives' names too, to add to the label. Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Your quilt is such a nice tribute to your dad! Hope you find the names of your Revolutionary War ancestors to add to the label :)

  5. Dear Barbara,
    your top looks beautiful, very nice hand applique, looks so clean and neat. You can be proud of that.

  6. You got a nice picture of your quilt. Well done. I am thankful for all of the ladies in the sew-along. It helped me in sticking with it and getting mine done.

  7. Very nice finish! I like how your grandfather's names will be on the label - such a great way to honor them! Have fun looking for backing fabric, and I'll be checking back to see how you quilt it.

  8. Looks wonderful Barb!
    I love your contrast and color balance. What a beautiful tribute quilt. what are you putting on the back?