Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Deacon Blocks 61-64

Well, I procrastinated a bit this month. Just couldn't get myself to make two of the blocks. But finally this set is done.

I like to start off showing you where these blocks are in the overall scheme and this is another month where they are 'all in a row'. 

                                  Original attributed to Ruth Ann Buzby / Rancocas    

I started with #62 because I had already made another just like it and was able to re-use the freezer paper pieces from that one. 

                                             Attributed to Ann Reeves              

#63 was next. I finally got to use that yellow which I think is a repro of an earlier fabric. It doesn't always look right in my quilts but I liked it here. Many years ago I purchased it at the historical society fair in NJ.

                                          Original attributed to Ella Maria Deacon 1842

 Note the name of the maker. She is the one for whom this quilt is named! 

I tackled this block by copying the entire pattern onto freezer paper and then cut out each piece. (I use C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets which I order on Amazon.) I numbered each of the outer and inner points and started sewing with #1 on the outer ring followed by #1 on the inner ring, #2 outer, #2 inner, etc. and continued all the way around. I use the paper template as a guide for stitching each seam. This method has worked well for me. 

                                                          Attributed to William D Coles

#61 was my nemesis. It all started out fine--made the inner star with not much trouble except I ended up getting a slight black mark on two of the white pieces when I ironed it. How could there have been something on my iron! I tried to remove the marks by dabbing with water and detergent and in the process the red fabric bled. I placed it in a dish with color grabbers and let it soak overnight and by morning the whole block was tinged pink. I'm not even showing you a pic. It was a disaster! I found I was at an impasse--couldn't move forward with anything else until this block was done so I finally bit the bullet and finished it the second time around.  

Doesn't that one on the top right look so much bigger than the others?? They are all 9-1/2" unfinished.

Anyway, there are only 21 more blocks to make, so I'm counting down . . .  


Look at these natural-formed snow ball finials on each post.  

I think they are just the coolest! 

Had to smile when I saw these wild turkey tracks in the driveway :)

See you next week!

Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. OH my! This set is my favorite thus far. Absolutely gorgeous! Funny, as soon as I spotted that yellow, I started salivating. A yellow I have never seen - how is that possible? I adore it. It looks like something from a line that Pat Speth did years ago, but I don't remember there being a yellow in it. Yum! And, those snowballs are adorable. We finally got 3" last night. It has been a very dry January here.

  2. Félicitations, ton ouvrage est magnifique.
    Merci pour les photos (surtout de l'arrière des blocs de ta courtepointes) car elle m'aident à mieux repasser mes blocs.

  3. I enjoy seeing your beautiful blocks! 😊

  4. These blocks are not for the faint of heart. Just trying to figure out how to piece them could be a real challenge. It's interesting to hear how you do stich some of them...Courageously!

  5. Oh, these blocks have me so impressed. Your patience on assembling #64, and remaking #61 impresses me even more!
    I have never seen that yellow before, either.
    I love when the fence and deck posts put on marshmallow hats. :)

  6. Your patience and dedication is so inspiring.
    I particularly appreciate your comment "only" 21 more to go.
    this is going to be such a special quilt. These 4 blocks are beautiful and so well done!

  7. That Ella Deacon block is my favorite. This is going to be a stunning quilt for sure.

  8. I hope you haven't used that red in any other block for this quilt. I'm so glad you found out it bled before putting in the whole top. Your blocks are wonderful.

  9. Those are complicated blocks and beautiful too. Each set of blocks seems even prettier than the last. The snow is just so peaceful looking. We had a tiny bit of flurries yesterday but have yet to have real snow and we may not. It's something I miss (although my husband is happy to not have shoveling to do). Cute wild turkey tracks!

  10. 63 is especially gorgeous to me! Lovely, lovely colors.:)