Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Deacon Blocks 53-56

 This group of blocks were all applique.

And they were all in the same row!

                            Original attributed to B___Chapman Mount Holly May 27, 1842

I started with Block 56. It had a light airy look that appealed to me. 

                         Original attributed to M.C. Coles Mount Holly May 27, 1842

Block 55 was next. Looks like I'm working backwards. I pieced the plate on the machine and appliqued it to the background.

                                              Original attributed to Sarah B. Deacon New Jersey 1842

Block 54 was a real challenge with lots of small pieces!

This is the original block made by Elizabeth H. Burr. Study it for a minute . . .

And this is mine. Do you see what I did? I transposed the red and yellow and didn't even realize it!

Blocks 53-56 are done and there's only 29 to go which is exactly the number of miles I have left to walk in the RBG Challenge. That's crazy!

My daughter had set me up with the MapMyFitness app to keep track of my time and distance. Here's one of our favorite weekend walks through the woods and along a mountain road :)

I was about to get down on the floor to stretch the other morning when the sunrise caught my eye. I put my jacket on and walked to the top of the driveway where I caught this view just before the colors faded away. 

Enjoy your week!



Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. gorgeous sunrise! It is so nice when we catch them at just the right moment.
    Your blocks are so lovely and you seem to be moving through so quickly.
    Congarts on your walking progress!

  2. Your appliqué is sooo beautiful Barbara ...
    Congratulations !!

  3. Some of those blocks look very challenging. You're getting closer to the end. Congratulations on keeping up with your walking. We've had some beautiful sunrises this week as well.

  4. Beautiful hand work, beautiful sunrise... keep up all the good work!

  5. Nice progress with your RBG walk, in beautiful surroundings. The blocks are so pretty. Love that #56. Strawberries?

  6. Each block that emerges is better than the last. I am so enjoying these blocks. Your work is amazing! And, only 29 miles to go? Woohoo! I signed up for the 5K (thanks to you!) as I knew I wouldn't get in 87 miles on time. Good for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Wow--each block is amazing! I really admire your work. Block #54 really catches my eye!
    Oh, I wish I could get back to long walks like that. Sounds like a wonderful area.
    Stunning sunrise. That would get me up off the floor, too. :)

  8. Beautiful Hand work Barbara! keep it's.thanks for the share
    clipping path

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