Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It's A Finish!

Two years ago Gay Bomers at Sentimental Stitches offered a BOM for an antique quilt she had purchased. Even though it was in poor condition there were blocks that were made in NJ so I decided to join in. 
Photo by Sentimental Stitches
This is the original quilt made in 1852 for Maxson and Sarah Dunham of Piscataway, NJ. Other NJ family names / locations are: Clawson / Marlborough, Blackford, Randolph / New Market, Titsworth / Piscataway, and Dunn / Plainfield.
My version has fifteen appliqued blocks . . .  
. . . and one pieced.
I started echo quilting this bird block but--you may ask--why?? I don't really know! I guess it "spoke" to me at the time but when I was done I had made up my mind to scratch that idea and do 1/2" cross-hatch in all the other blocks. So years from now when someone looks at this quilt they'll definitely wonder why that one block was quilted differently :)

The border is quilted in a fan pattern which mirror images at the center point. 
I came up with this simple border and corner treatment . . .
. . . with this 1860 NJ quilt in mind. Of course I tweaked the idea for my version but this quilt has always been a favorite. 
I love this botanical print on the back :) The finished quilt is 43-1/2" x 43-1/2".
The finale!
Now it's time to prep another quilt :) 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. 👏 Your quilt is fabulous. The quilting is exquisite and creates so much texture. I love your one echoed block and yes, it will lead to all kinds of speculation. Congratulations on such a beautiful finish.

  2. Beautiful quilt and appliqué ! And the fabric on the back is fabulous !! Great finish Barbara !

  3. What a beautiful version of this quilt. Your quilting is gorgeous. I love the fact that that one block is quilted differently. The backing is perfect too. I love how you added the acorn to the label. What a perfect finish!

  4. This is lovely and your quilting stitch is excellent!! And kudos for keeping the echo stitched block and being willing to quilt the others in a different way.

  5. Your Dear Daughter quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love your colors, the yellow sashing, the one square echo quilted. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  6. The quilt is beautiful. Such lovely hand quilted stitches. Perhaps your hands prefer to work in a straight line when quilting. Cross hatching compliments the blocks nicely.

  7. Oh, it's lovely! What a treasure. (And I am in awe of the hand-quilting.)(The corner/border I might try, but the hand-quilting: never.)

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    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)

  9. What a lot of work you did to make a true treasure, and one of a kind!

  10. Your new quilt is so crisp, like the beautiful autumn days that are right at our doorsteps. I especially love that you've quilted one block different from all the rest, making it uniquely yours. Beautiful finish!

  11. What a fabulous looking quilt! You are definitely the master of small cross hatching stitching. The echo quilting in the one block just makes for more interesting conversation later on!:)

  12. What a beautiful quilt! Beautiful hand quilting! Good for you to stick with the project to the end!