Thursday, February 27, 2020

Feb Mini and Aconite

It's that time of the month again. The days just fly by, don't they?

I had a head start on this month's mini by using one of the first Deacon blocks I made that ended up being too small.

I'm trying to keep all Deacon block cutaways and trims under control (we'll see how long that lasts!) and had already made some 2" hsts which I then added to the corners. The border is 2-1/2" and the piece is hand quilted--nothing fancy. 

I found this toile in Natalie's stash that was just the right size for the back. Don't forget to check Wendy's website with links to more minis :)

On another note . . . 

Winter Aconite is in full bloom in my garden :) I just love seeing these early spring flowers.

Can you guess what's going on in our house??

More to come . . . 

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer



  1. I think your rejected Deacon's block found the perfect place along with leftover hst's. (We all seemed to have been using leftovers) Fabulous red border. Flowers already? So sweet. Looks like a bit of remodeling or redecorating going on. Love the pile of quilts!

  2. Love your mini and such a beautiful "reject"!!

  3. It seems like our leftovers make the best mini quilts. So pretty, and I love the border fabric. Perhaps packing up quilts for a guild presentation?

  4. You have created a fantastic mini out of your "too small" block. And the border you created with the HSTs really enhances the design. Excellent choice of border fabric, and the hand quilting is the perfect finish. And you can't ever go wrong with a toile backing. I'd say you have a winner here, Barbara!
    What pretty flowers to have blooming in February. The only things blooming around my place are indoors.
    Like Kyle, I suspect some renovating--or you are all packed up to go do a trunk show other option could be that you keep all these things in a guest room and you have company coming. :)

  5. Ooo you've framed the Deacon block so nicely, and the toile backing is lovely! Mmmmm renovation???

  6. Ohhh your mini is fabulous .... !!
    This little flower is beautiful ! Spring is already there in your state ?
    A trunk show ?? I would have liked to be there if yes !!

  7. What a lovely little finish for the orphaned block. That red print sets its perfectly.
    I love that little yellow flower. Is it a native primrose of some kind?
    Having Guests? Getting new carpet?

  8. The yellow pops in yur mini. Good choice.

  9. What a brilliant use for the too-small block, Barbara, and beautiful job dressing it up for the mini! Your little quilts never fail to inspire me. Could you be morphing your sewing room into a guest room?

  10. An excellent use for an orphan block, love the HST's in the border too, really adds to it! I think we call those yellow flowers buttercups. We don't have any here. But in some protected places daffodils are blooming.

  11. Fabulous mini! This is what I love about orphan blocks! I didn't get to my post until today but you are linked in my friend. Thanks for another great mini! And it looks like you are getting ready for guests or painting. Either way, I love the pile of quilts!

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