Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Flicker and Dutch Panel

For some reason I changed my walking route Sunday morning and decided to go the back way along a busy road and I'm so glad I did!

I hadn't gone very far when I saw this beautiful Northern Flicker in the road unable to walk or fly. So I picked it up, brought it home and put it in a box with a towel.

I called The Raptor Trust which provides free care and assistance to injured birds and is located only about a half hour from our house. When the bird was admitted I was told I could check on it after 48 hours. Here's the update and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will improve:

"The Flicker is still currently in our care. She is suffering from
central nervous system damage with her legs out which means head
trauma or spinal injury due to the impact. We are giving her
supportive care and she is on anti-inflammatory meds. Her condition
is guarded and we need a little more time to see if she can rally from
her condition. Thank you for checking in."

There are also resident birds on the grounds including this majestic Bald Eagle. Uno was found in Alaska in 1989 with an eye injury that prevented her from being able to hunt. If you are ever in the area of The Great Swamp in Morris County make sure you visit The Raptor Trust :)

Quilting news . . . 

I managed to baste my Dutch Panel quilt while we were at the cabin :)

I bought some new fabric. The two at the top were bargains at the thrift shop and the yellow / green assortment caught my eye on Ebay.

It's not easy finding good greens--or yellows for that matter. But check the selvage on the yellow--Chrome is misspelled Chorme!

We're in a heatwave--are you?

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schafffer



  1. So glad you found the flicker. We have a raptor center near me as well. They do wonderful things for our feathered friends. Are you hand or machine quilting your Dutch quilt? Good colors despite the spelling error. The printer probably had autocorrect. I blame all my mistakes on that.

  2. What fun finds both the fabric and the bird, though it would have been more pleasant if the bird wasn't injured. Hoping she heals.

  3. Beautiful flicker, I hope it recovers, the injuries sound quite traumatic. We have flickers who hang around here in the winter and early spring, haven't seen them lately and I suspect they're in the deeper woods raising their young. Your Dutch panel quilt is lovely, is it slated for hand quilting?

  4. You're Wonder Barbara !! I wish the best for this beautiful bird ...
    Your quilt is terrific !! I love your chrome (chorme !!! 😂) yellow !!
    We're in a heatwave too... the second !! Pfff. ..

  5. Poor little flicker! I'm glad you had a place to take it. I had an injured bird and in my area they only take hawks (or other raptors). I hope it recovers.
    Your Dutch panel is beautiful!
    great fabrics. I'm using those for my whig rose and love them together.
    super duper hot here too!

  6. So glad you took a different walking route. Hope the raptor makes it. Your recently purchased fabric is beautiful and yes it is hard to find good greens and yellows. Relief from our heat wave arrived.

  7. How cool there is a place that would take the bird!! I hope you'll report on its condition.
    LOVE those yellows and greens!!

  8. Oh I am so glad you found her (him?). I will keep my fingers crossed for a full recovery. I love your Dutch quilt. And, those new fabrics are top on my color list! I am woefully behind on blogging and stitching this summer. I'm lucky to get 15 minutes a day. Hope to get my mini done this week. Sheesh, what a summer! At least it is cooler today. Hope the same is true for you.