Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Eagle Medallion and Early Morning

Remember when I posted some teaser pics for a new quilt I was working on? The top is now together and here's how it came about.

Last fall I thought about starting a new project and purchased the pattern Midnight at the Oasis by Jen Kingwell.  

After studying that pattern I decided to make some changes and sketched out what I thought would be something I'd feel comfortable with. Everything was based on 6". I thought about appliqueing a 24" center then adding multiple borders.

But I decided to eliminate the appliqued 2nd border as shown in my sketch and made lots of bordered 9-patch blocks instead using large scale prints. 

Then I had an aha moment in February when I woke up in the middle of the night telling myself there was no need to applique a large center block when I had this fantastic eagle panel that Rachel gave me nearly a year ago. It was perfect!

I added a gray stripe repro to bring the eagle panel out to size then started adding borders--stars first, then 9 patches, then . . .

. . . Churn Dash blocks from Barb V's block swap last year. 

It still needs a final border and I'm thinking this stripe might be just the thing. It's really old. The selvage is stamped 'Jinny Beyer for Mr. R.J.R. Fashion Fabrics.'

This is what it will look like and I hope to miter the corners. Sorry the pic is a little dark but I think that fabric will frame the quilt nicely. 

Yesterday I planted some pansies. They make me smile :)

It was a bit misty when I started on my early morning walk and by the time I was on the last stretch home I saw a rainbow that dissipated almost instantly. What a lovely surprise!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love it from beginning to end. I love your current border choice and I think I might have one yard left (from c1990!) if you run short. I have seen Jen's quilt in person and it is stunning, but yours is much more my style. I adore it!

  2. Any ideas that can create such a gorgeous quilt while eliminating the need to applique are brilliant in my book! This is stunning, Barbara. Love the use of the center panel, and that border stripe is awesome.
    That disappearing rainbow sounds like a little morning miracle. :)

  3. Well, it's basically your own quilt! I love it!

  4. I love how you've made the pattern your own. This is the perfect use for that gorgeous panel, and the border stripe really highlights the blues used in the pieced blocks. A wonderful combination of fabrics and blocks!

  5. You're amazing! You started with a pattern and worked up something completely your own. There's not much similarity to the original pattern. I think you basically used it as a brain storm.

  6. Your quilt turned out beautifully like that ! I love the way you incorporated the blocks swap of Barb ! Clever idea !!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love everything about this project. FIrst that you are 'doing your thing' yay!! and that you are incorporating swap blocks. It is wonderful and completely your own.
    I'm still mulling over the idea of doing another swap. It is amazing how well they are playing with your design.
    sweet pansies!

  8. Your interpretation of Jen Kingwell's pattern is fabulous! I love taking patterns and interpreting them in different styles!

  9. WOW! and I love your collection of fabrics you are using!

    1. Thank you so much! It's been fun working on this quilt!

  10. I also have that lovely eagle center waiting for the right quilt. Maybe a quilt like yours is calling for it. I also have some border strips to use. It's becoming a possibility. Great design idea. Thanks.