Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March Mini and Birding

When I started thinking about my March mini it involved the birthday gift my family gave me--an Adirondack Birding Tour.

My birthday was in December and my daughter and I spent 4 wonderful hours with John and Pat Thaxton of Adirondack Birding Tours.

We drove the back roads of Westport, NY, and along the shores of Lake Champlain. We saw lots of birds some more common than others. 

American Black Ducks were a first for me but they were too far away to photograph.

Guess what this is?? A porcupine climbing down a tree!


By the time we got back to the cabin, my granddaughter had arrived and gave me this watercolor she did of a Cedar Waxwing. Isn't it fantastic? It literally took my breath away!

Back home I started making 4" blocks using small scraps I had saved for another project.

Here's another but my idea wasn't coming together so I decided four was enough :)

I added leftover hsts in the corners and a center block of Birds to represent the birthday gift I shall always remember. 

I pieced the backing and matched the design by folding and top stitching it down. 


On another note I want to thank all of you who responded to my question about storing quilts. Your suggestions were much appreciated!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a fantastic idea to make a quilt to commemorate a wonderful event. I love this little quilt! I will be posting and linking today as I will be without internet over the weekend. Happy belated birthday!

  2. What a lovely birthday gift!
    I had no idea porcupines backed down a tree! I would have thought he was going up!

  3. What a fun birthday gift! And that cute little mini with its bird center and backing is a great way to commemorate the experience. Nice job!

  4. These little mini quilts can become wonderful memory quilts, commemorating special events or even those quilts we've loved and given away. Your granddaughter's watercolor is such a special treasure too. I like the way you chose to match up your backing fabric, perfect solution!

  5. Your March mini is an adorable memory quilt. What a fun birthday gift and the Cedar Waxwing is fabulous. You had a great month. I'm afraid my mini never got started.

  6. What a thoughtful gift from your family, knowing your love of birds and the watercolor is exquisite! Every year we get dozens of cedar waxwings gathering in our Prairie Fire crabapple is quite a sight. Love your March mini - so appropriate.

  7. Your mini is an adorable present ! I love it !
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of the Adirondacks ! That's a beautiful place !

  8. wee - you had be at birding. What a fun outing! They have bird watching stuff here on the sound, maybe I'll give it a whirl one day.
    The watercolor is absolutely charming. Lucky Grandma you are. I finally saw one in the wild on a prairie in IL. They are such elegant birds.
    Your crappy birdy mini is just great. nice trick with the folding top stitch matching.