Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Penny Rug Plus

The pennies that I made so many years ago are now all together in one small rug :) I really enjoyed this easy project from beginning to end.

After seeing a wool penny rug in Quiltmania I knew I wanted to make one just like it. It's 16" x 25".

I used moss green wool for the base . . .  

. . . and blanket-stitched all the pennies in place with 6-strand embroidery floss.

When it came time to add the backing I used this decorator fabric.

I trimmed the outer edge to 1/4" and finished it off with dark green floss.  Voila!

Other news . . .

I received this fun fabric from my DIL's mother for my birthday. It's from Livstycket a nonprofit design center in Sweden "that wants to give immigrant women the opportunity to learn the Swedish language in order to break through their isolation and take their place in the community." I think it will be perfect for the Gypsy Wife quilt I hope to make this year.

Last night was our guild's birthday bash meeting with refreshments, demonstrations and a raffle. I won a Binding Winder and a Mini Travel Iron--what fun! 

And this year's raffle quilt made its debut. The red and white houses are so appealing! I think a house quilt is in my future unless I win this one :)

I love the way the reds and whites alternate. So effective!

Wonderful border choice, too!

Have a great week :) 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer 



  1. A wonderful classic red and white raffle quilt!! And your penny rug turned out beautifully - what a great look.

  2. Congrats for your prices and fingers crossed for the raffle quilt ! ;)
    I've never done a penny rug ! It's so interesting and I love the fabric you used for the back !!

  3. Oh those pennies are delightful! I love the backing too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win the house quilt, but if not, I'm sure you will have fun making one.

  4. Wow - what a wonderful post. I love your penny rug piece. It is finished so beautifully.
    Congrats on your winnings! is the bobbin winder a hand crank? how does that work? slowly?? lol
    The raffle quilt is a real winner!! wow - good for GSQ. Who headed it up?
    I'd LOVE to make another house quilt one day.

  5. Everything is beautiful, Barbara! You are very talented and I love your taste in colours and designs. :)

  6. Everything is beautiful, Barbara! You are very talented and I love your taste in colours and designs. :)

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