Friday, March 11, 2016

What's New?

What's NEW? My computer for one! Yes, my old one barely made it to the Geek Squad to have my files transferred. Don't you just love learning the ins and outs of a new computer??

I do have a few more things to share though . . .  

A couple of months ago I bought this book at the Library book sale. 

This little Brick Wall quilt caught my eye. 

I had enough leftover indigo and shirting prints from the Stars In A Time Warp quiltalong so started cutting strips.

The instructions were easy to follow after I figured out the placement of the fabrics at the top. You need to alternate two rows beginning with lights and then two rows of darks. Does that make sense?

I did simple (very simple!) machine quilting in diagonal rows on the light-colored bricks only. 

Ta-da! I decided to call the piece "Step On Up!"

The amaryllis we received as a Christmas gift is finally blooming and it is gorgeous!

It was 30 deg outside when I spotted these flowers in my garden. They're called Winter Aconite and I have no idea how they got there, lol!

A 'shroom that looks like a brain?? I have 4 of them in the backyard. 

I'm on a cleaning-out binge and found two records which brought back childhood memories . . . 

Hopalong Cassidy is one . . . 

And Gene Autry is the other. I loved his rendition of Peter Cottontail. 

A new quilt shop is opening just minutes from my house. I can't wait! Thanks Rachel for forwarding this info :)

And finally, take another look at the Quintal Vases quilt on my Quilt Fest Part 1 post. You may already be familiar with the maker, Becky Brown, as she does the sample blocks on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog including Stars In a Time Warp and currently Westering Women :) 

Happy Spring!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Love that little quilt! And yes, I remember Hopalong and Gene. I had Gene's rendition of Rudolph. It was a 78 and it was orange. I'm curious is your record colored?

  2. Lovely and well done doll quilt Barbara ! Congrats !
    Your mushroom is...simply awful ! You showed us a few posts ago another strange mushroom from your garden... very strange no ? Ah ! Ah !
    Becky's quilt is awesome ! Wow...and she did a wonderful job with B.Brackman !

  3. Love your Step on Up - so sweet and a quick finish is so satisfying! I just adore that amaryllis - must try and find them available here - delightful in a pot indoors! Lucky you with a new quilt shop nearby :)

  4. I love your Step It Up little quilt. It's so lovely with the indigos and shirtings. It's nice to work on something that wasn't on "the list" and have it finish so quickly. Wonderful job. Great flashback to those records and songs. I loved my record player as a kid. Eeeek! What a strange mushroom. It really does look like a brain! Oh, and have fun shopping.

  5. What a sweet doll quilt. I love to find those old quilt books at sales. Traditional quilt never go out of style!
    What sweet albums. did you keep them? I can picture the cover of my favorite album, a girl blowing a bubble but don't know the name.
    your amaryllis is lovely - my Christmas cactus is about to bloom again. Let's keep Christmas going lol