Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bowtie Top & More Fabric!

I finally finished my Bowtie top and would you believe?? Rachel and I went back to the quilt shop and bought more fabric :)

Ta-da! Bowtie top is done and measures 63" x 71." I added a green border AND the red stripe. I'm really happy with it. 

Here's a corner detail. Both reds (blocks and border) are from Marcus Brothers Tavern Collection by Paula Barnes.

These are the fabrics I'm putting on the back. Don't you love that eagle? It's Moda's Liberty Garden by Brannock & Patek. 

When we got the news that the quilt shop had extended its sale Rachel and I wondered if we missed something the week before, lol! So we went back and I came home with another bundle including the eagle fabric above. I now have enough yardage for the backs of at least several more large quilts :)

Here are three completed baskets. I sewed individual 1-1/2" squares into 4 patches for the first one but used the Fast and Easy Scrappy method on Repro Quilt Lover's blog here for the next two. Definitely saves time but I'm fussy about the direction of the seams--horizontal vs vertical--so will need to refine that technique a bit. 

For the basket handle I use the freezer paper method. The paper template is good for two handles and then needs to be replaced. 

The 18" of snow from the recent blizzard melted quickly but then just the other day we got a little more and it looked like a winter wonderland--again!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. You did a very good choice in your fabrics ! Your quilt is wow...awesome ! Gorgeous !
    And I really love your baskets! Scraps are perfect to make beautiful blocks !

  2. What a wonderful finsh for your bow ties. The corner element makes a fun change. Looks like it was a good thing your returned to the quilt shop. I see some fun fabrics. Your scrappy baskets are awesome with all those tiny squares. It seems like they will hold tiny bits of lots of your fabric collection.

  3. Love that eagle fabric! Your Bow Tie finished off beautifully. Good choice on the border fabrics.