Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Masterpiece

I finally took some pics of the individual blocks of the Christmas quilt I made in the late 70s. Would you like to see them? 

It all started when I received this Christmas card from my DH in 1976. I substituted the writing on the card (top center) with another "block" from a similar note card.

Moving left to right beginning with the top row:

Each block is 17". The background is a poly/muslin sheet which I purchased at Sears. 

The substituted block. 

I had only been quilting a few years but applique was my thing. 

Many of the solid fabrics were cotton blends.

I drafted all the blocks on graph paper and numbered each piece in the order of applique. I then transferred the design to fabric using dressmaker's carbon and a tracing wheel.   

This block is still my favorite.

Hanging tulips :)

I always felt I should have added some extra quilting to this large poinsettia.

I simplified a little and left out a small red flower which should have been next to the berries at the top. 

This could have used some extra quilting, too.  

The most challenging block. I used commercial bias tape for the fern fronds.

An Ely & Walker print for the birds. . .

. . . and for the dark leaves and pears. 

I miscalculated the measurement of the first green and white border so took it all apart and started over. 

Taken in 1980 at the American Field Service Quilt Show in Allendale, NJ, where it won Best In Show :)

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Well deserved Barb ! Oh my Goood....That's a real beauty !!
    All in this quilt is awesome : the fabrics, your appliqué, the drawings....thank you for sharing with us !

  2. Delightful! the borders suit it beautifully as does the hand quilting. I enjoyed all the close ups :)

  3. You were a leader in the resurgence in the late 70's quilting movement. Your masterpiece definitely is an incredible work of art with the amount of drafting and appliquing you did. With those cotton blends your quilt will never fade through time. Loved the fact you used a sheet for the applique backgrounds. We used what we had available back then. Thanks so much for sharing your process and details.

  4. What a timeless beauty! A treat to see your blocks - so gorgeous!

  5. This is such a wonderful Christmas quilt and has really stood the test of time. Your poinsetta block is lovely. Your quilting motifs are so charming. You must love seeing this every year at Christmas.
    Congrats on a best in show!

  6. I am in love I am in love with this quilt!