Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Floral Trails Stars and Plainfield 4

Here are last week's Floral Trails Stars.

I had four chintzes in my stash and one I used twice. 

Once for the star . . . 

 . . . again for the points. 

A large floral in lighter colors. . .

. . .  and nearly the same as the one above only smaller in scale. It was perfect for the background. 

This is the NJ Sampler block I'm reproducing. It has three different leaves.

I mentioned in a previous post that I keep a file of pressed leaves which I use frequently for patterns / templates. I found the leaves I needed: small maple on the left, sassafras in the middle, and oak on the right.  

I copied the pages, cut out the leaves which I enlarged /reduced as necessary, then drafted the block on graph paper

Here's the layout. I struggled with that center circle. First, I thought a solid yellow was the right choice. After all, that's what the original looked like to me. Why is it so hard to work in solids? But after I cut this chrome yellow print I knew I had the look I wanted. Now all I have to do is start basting and sewing :)

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Always love your fabric choices for the stars, plus you used a toile for this week! I also like the look of your next applique block. The chrome yellow is the perfect contrast.

  2. I like your NJ block very much! You did a good representation of the original block.

  3. wonderful leaf block!! your drafting is so good.
    pretty stars - love the play of value

  4. I love your leaf block and the colours are so fresh. The chrome yellow print is a winner!

  5. Your leaf block is amazing and well done !
    Yours stars look pretty ! I really love the red one !