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"Prance, Little Lady"

My mother's youngest sister, Marjorie Hope Bower Degel (1924-2009), was the Drum Majorette at Leonia High School from 1941-42. In 1954 her father, Stan Bower, wrote and illustrated a poem which he called "Prance, Little Lady." I know I got the "save everything" trait from "Midgie" because what she saved she passed on to me and I've saved it all.   

Twirling her baton on the field behind Leonia High School. The field backed up to the street where my grandparents lived.  

Nearly my whole family went to Leonia High School--my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins as well as my brother and I.

Leonia vs Englewood
  November 15, 1941

This is the receipt from the National Uniform Company, 41 E. 28th St., NYC, for  (1) Uniform jacket & skirt - Drum Majorette maroon velvet, silver silk shoulder knots, chevrons of maroon on grey. Cost: $25.00

Midgie was so tiny, I had to pin the uniform to the front of the dress form to take the photo. 

I once wore it for Halloween:-)

The hat sans plume and the baton which is made of lucite (I think). I store all these things in an archival box along with other family heirlooms. 

 Prance, Little Lady
Strike up the band, here comes a cutie.
Baton in hand, ready for duty.
High-action knee - smile grimly set -
Who can it be but the Drum Majorette?

Twirling her stick like an airplane propeller - 
Gee what a trick! What a treat for a feller!
Bobbing her head, her baton swinging high,
"Margie" co-ed, majorette, marches by.

Thump! Goes the drum; Oompah! The brasses.
Onward they come, the lads and their lasses.
All round the field - into the stand!
Strut, Little Lady! Strike up the Band!

Marjorie Hope Bower
Leonia High School

Daddy 1954

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer

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