Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Appliqued Heart Blocks and a Heart-shaped Gravestone

I realized I had quite a few photographs of quilts containing appliqued heart blocks so thought I'd post them for Valentine's Day. Also, there's a gravestone in the shape of a heart at a local cemetery with no information other than a last name.

The 4th block down on the left is my favorite in this c. 1857 Applique Sampler Quilt. It has naturalistic leaves and four-hearts in the center. The quilt is owned by the Historical Society of the Plainfields.

Here is a detail.

This is my version of that block which I turned into a small wall hanging. I named it Tulip, Sassafras and Maple. I literally picked the maple leaf off a tree to use as a template. 1994-1996. 

There are two heart blocks in this 1864 Bride's Album quilt in the collection of the Newark Museum.

Detail. Top row third from left. 

Detail 5th block down on left, Hearts and Crossed Sassafras Leaves. 

Rhinehart Album Quilt, dated 1852, Newark Museum. This is a huge quilt (121 blocks) and I was only close enough to photograph the blocks at my end of the table.  

This block displays an assortment of  symbols including the familiar heart-in-hand. "Mr. E. Rigby" in cross stitch.

There are three heart blocks in this quilt top which is in the collection of the Montclair Historical Society.

Oak Leaf and Reel with Hearts.

Double Hearts with signature "E. Duncan" in cross stitch.

Four-heart center with hearts in corners. Initials "M C S" in cross-stitch.

I'm calling these "musical hearts." This quilt was shown at one of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study Group meetings last summer.

Here are four simple hearts in a lovely Turkey red print. Note the block just above it that has a heart within a heart. This quilt was made c. 1850 in Mannahawkin, Monmouth, NJ, and is owned by one of my quilting friends. Isn't she lucky? 

I've always liked this crude heart-shaped gravestone with its inlaid stones at the Whippany Burial Ground. In the 1930 census there is a Thomas Daven, 54, widowed, living on Troy Hills Road, Hanover Twp. I wonder if this is his gravestone. 

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