Friday, July 29, 2011

Quilts at the Crane House

The Montclair Historical Society's Pieces of History: Our Collection of Quilts was on display at the Israel Crane House in Montclair, NJ, through July 15th. Some of the quilts were draped over chairs while others were on beds and in cradles. One exceptionally large quilt was hanging over the banister on the second floor.

 A lovely Star of Bethlehem quilt with chintz cut-outs and diamond border.

 Trees, birds, and flowers were cut from chintz fabric and appliqued--a technique called "broderie perse." 

 This is the wonderful Sampler Quilt hanging over the banister. Many of the blocks were signed and dated 1844.

A Prussian blue striped fabric as the sashing and a "broderie perse" block with cut-out flowers.

A Feathered Star quilt made in the 1840s by Maria Searing, wife of Israel Crane.

All white spaces have different quilting designs.

A simple quilt with eight-pointed stars and alternate set blocks.

 Might have to look for a pillar print like this one. 



  1. These quilts are amazing! What is the date on the first quilt?

  2. There were no dates on any of the quilts in their collection but my guess is that the Star of Bethlehem was made c. 1830. Thanks for visiting!