Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mini Gallery, Rummage Sale and Wisteria

I finally finished painting the upstairs hallway . . .

. . . and added the finishing touches on Sunday. I turned it into a mini gallery for some of my small quilts.  

Abe's Stars is at the end of the first hallway just before you step up to the next section.


Patriots Path, Natalie's Tulip, Flying Geese and HannaBella are on the wall near my sewing room. 

Here's what it looks like at the very end with a rack of large quilts.  

Last Saturday I went to a rummage sale and came home with a box of drapes. I couldn't resist! The toile lined ones are 50" x 100" and the red blue floral is an assortment of swags and jabots. Either would go great in our living room :)

These are definitely my colors! This gorgeous fabric is a lightweight cotton so I may even be able to use some of it in a quilt. We'll see . . . 

Our wisteria has never had so many flowers! What's blooming in your yard?

The GSQ show is this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer 



  1. We can’t grow wisteria this far north so seeing your images is such a delight - so gorgeous!! Your guilt gallery/hallway project is so charming. Beautiful old wide flooring too...

  2. Your hallway was made for a quilt gallery. No sense making them if they're going to sit folded up on a shelf. I like how you've used the rulers for hanging. Your wisteria is beautiful. I've got a red bud tree that's been putting on quite a show this spring. Enjoy e show!

  3. Oh I love your quilt gallery ! So beautiful with all these quilts ! Great idea Barbara !
    And your purchases are beautiful ...Enjoy !

  4. ooh, I love wisteria! gorgeous
    Your small quilt gallery looks great and so do those drapes. what a wonderful find!
    Have fun at the show. I'm looking forward to photos

  5. I love your new hallway! I spent much of my childhood in our upstairs hall. It was a great space to create and dream! Congratulations on your fabulous find! They are indeed wonderful curtains, but perhaps you could sneak a yard or two for a special quilt!

  6. I love your hallway and the rack of quilts at the end is the candle on the cake! It was an interesting (and long) winter and so many flowers seem to appreciate the extra rest and are wowing us with extra displays this year.