Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GSQ Show and Friends' Quilts

I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the quilts in the invitational Historical Perspectives exhibit at the GSQ show last weekend. Rachel, Dawn, and I are three of the longest-term members of the guild (lol!) so our quilts were on display.    

I have been in love with Rachel's quilt A Hot Day in Lancaster ever since I can remember. Doesn't it make you smile? It won a blue ribbon at the GSQ show in 1992. It is machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Rachel's other quilt Copper Moon is hand quilted and beaded. She printed some of the fabrics including her first batik. This quilt won a blue ribbon at GSQ in 2000.   

Dawn has won multiple awards for her lovely quilts :) The stars in Millennium Celebration are from Carol Doak's book, 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars and are made of silk decorator fabrics. It is hand quilted and the edges are embellished with embroidery.

Dawn's other quilt Christmas at Kelmscott Manor is William Morris-inspired and beautifully hand-appliqued. The pattern is by Michele Hill in Down Under Quilts magazine.

In 1984 I made this quilt based on an Amish family I saw on the beach at the Jersey Shore. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted. It won a blue ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 1986 and was published in AQS's Art Calendar in 1987 and in Quilting by Laurie Swim in 1991.  

In 2000 I started making a journal quilt with each daily entry having its own matching piece of fabric. It took two years to make and is hand quilted. It won Viewer's Choice at the NJ Quilt Convention in 2003. 

Here are a few more favorites from the show . . . 

Laura's quilt Hexed Again was English paper-pieced by hand and hand-quilted with sashiko thread. The pattern, New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt, was designed by Katja Marek but Laura chose and fussy cut all her own fabrics.

Another quilt by Laura is Floating Nine Patch with fabrics that range from the 1970s to reproduction prints from the 1900s to very modern prints. It's an original design pieced and quilted by machine.

X's and O's by Carol Esch and quilted by Lois Walters combined 'x' blocks made during superstorm Sandy and 'o' blocks made for another project. So cheerful!

Carol's Banded was started in a class with Sarah Bond and quilted by Lois Walters. So colorful and graphic!

Just Stop was made by Krishma Patel as her voice against trophy hunting after the killing of Cecil, the lion. 

This sweet Granddaughter Baby Quilt was made by Elizabeth Chapman and quilted by Mary Ames. Working from a picture on Pinterest, Elizabeth retained the general layout/design but changed the leaf and border elements.

We have no idea who won the three Viewers Choice ribbons so assume we'll find out at the next guild meeting on June 4th. 

Enjoy your week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer



  1. What wonderful quilts. I was so thrilled to see your quilt with the Amish family at the beach. I remember seeing this in the 80's, probably in the AQS calendar. It still makes me smile!

  2. There are some wonderful quilts on display here. Thanks for taking us along to see them.
    Your Amish Family At the Beach is incredible. And I like your journal quilt, too.

  3. Wow! What a collection of awesome quilts. You and your friends are remarkable. All of your quilts are fabulous and prize winners! I'm so glad you were included in the show.

  4. thanks for posting these beautiful quilts. There were many I hadn't seen before of Rachaels.
    I love your 2000 quilt - such a good story quilt.

  5. Each of the quilts you have shared in this post speak of unique design, beauty or the power of expressing strong emotions such as the Cecil quilt. What a gifted group of artistic quilters all of you are!